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Streaks in the sky vs. condensation trails

It would have seemed that this issue has nothing to do with health, but are you sure?

Today is a beautiful day, so again over the Warsaw sky swarming with jet aircraft that will leave behind streaks, which can not be a very long time to dissipate. I recommend you pay attention to the mind smopoczucie in those beautiful sunny days when the sky appear in streaks. Did you get these days, for example, severe attacks of coughing.

In the video below you can see what is the difference between condensation trail from these large plumes that persist for hours in the sky.


In the film you can see the great and long streaks Cleaning, who had left behind the plane. The second plane, flies through chemical trails, leaving behind him a natural condensation trail, which leaves every plane, and who disappears after a while. The difference between streaks is such that these do not harm our natural health, and these chemicals, which have a composition, inter alia, sulfur, aluminum bar, very poisons us, when the fall down to dollars and inhale them with air.

Want to know more about it? Watch the video on YT "Do not talk about the weather"

The film documents the private, bottom-up investigation of chemtraili, analyzing, and contradict the official explanation that indicates the official documents stating that chemtraile not only true, but there are also "WEAPONS SYSTEM." The document also examines the phenomenon of the involvement of the media in spreading misinformation and chemtraili use of remittances, and subliminal This issue presents the background of the current global political agenda.

"Truth is stranger than fiction." So strange that it really is hard to believe. Fortunately, you do not have to believe, just look. Streak abruptly starting or ending during the flight the aircraft would mean that the plane took off with the engines turned off, or off them during the flight. Where do they fly airplanes flying back and forth over the city, forming a checkered patterns in the sky? "How is it possible that the EPA refuses to accept samples for testing?

In the words of Alan Watts - "sprayed on us from heaven as insects." Nothing more and nothing less.
Take, for example, a document from the website of the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain describes the tests carried out on English society between 1953 and 1964. Where sprayed nearly 5 tons of highly carcinogenic ZnCdS in different locations (see table) in the British Isles. ...

Then experimented on unwary humans and experimental rabbits, but now for sure already that does that. Right?

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9 months ago 11

In fact it is everywhere even as a child I remember the sky without that shit was pure white with a few real clouds and now it is a daily blur dziadowstwo I see them everyday .. stick with it but after I see myself and the other weakness and pain in my head kture case appeared in the years 90siatych without anything so that I'm already pissed at the thought that some motherfuckers play with our health, aiming at something without our knowledge
2 hrs. ago

Above Łodzia practically see those streaks every time you look in the sky, the biggest increase in a massacre on Monday just what is happening here, and when they showed streaks of friends not seen in them is not surprising, as only began to create patterns and planes was more and more and I explained them that I just started to suspect something
Streaks in the sky vs. condensation trails

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