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Invention of the world's most dangerous - Shoes with rubber soles

Have a look at what the scientists have discovered about theshoes. The author has a specific way of recording stories, butwhen it comes to the same content, it's all arranged in a logical whole.

We'll find out that the shoes are very dangerous because the rubber sole, which makes isolating us from the earth. No directconnection to the earth causes our bodies to electrify, and lack of grounding affects our health. Through pictures of shoes on the stone and you will very quickly we can get rid of negativeelectrical charges that we receive through the electric fun things -phones, computers, television, etc.
Grounding for a moment causes departure of positive charges,and in their place we load the free electrons, which are the bestantioxidants. Thanks to such treatment appreciably increasesour resilience. We become much more resistant to colds, flu, respiratory problems and other illnesses associated with theimmune system.

The author points out that if we are far from flat ground, then perhaps we will have the opportunity to discharge cargo by means of the middle ground wire in the socket, however, the practice shows that not all the electrical connections are properlygrounded, even if the sockets are in the middle third grounding prong. In the film, we see electrical device that allows you tocheck whether the wiring is properly grounded, and by projectingthe cable can be grounded for a while in order to dischargecargo.

But we should not forget about returning to nature, and how oftento walk barefoot on the earth. It is not easy in the cities where it's not hard to hit the glass and other junk that can easily harm us -need to think about moving out of the country;)
Invention of the world's most dangerous - Shoes with rubber soles

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