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What we really should be worried?

With this film we learn that usually worry about the small stuff, and somehow ignore the real danger, and worse by minimizing their meanings we bring to the situation where the danger is increasing for the simple things even more, as is the case, for example with swimming pool, which looks inconspicuous, and in fact is more dangerous than a firearm, as it turns out the mortality statistics in the U.S..

What we really should be worried?

The terrorists? Avian flu? Plane crash? Global warming? How about something completely different?
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Okay, but ignoring the less risk we do it a thousand times larger than the really big ones. Let's say someone does not care about terrorists, the danger of aircraft, bird flu and stuff, it then may be killed by the piss in this manner. For me it is foolish to say "do not worry about it, and that's about it because it's unlikely" because it is a chance, however. Often, that what has 1% probability of winning with 99%. Why? Because it is never 100%.
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Statistics is easy to manipulate. In fatal accidents on the roads are also intercepted the driver, who died carrying out an alcohol or talking by mobile phone and lost control of the car, or you just rode in the fog, or on winding roads, etc. Am I not being under the influence of alcohol, do not be talkin 'com wheel, not driving in the fog, no driving on winding roads through the entrance to the car should brac Overall statistic of deaths on Polish roads during the entire year? No.
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86% of our population has less than 110 IQ. Polish average IQ is 99 and we are far behind the Germans and Koreans. Only 1.5% of the population are geniuses, and about 13% of the population has IQ between 110 and 139 IQ. 36% of the population has less than 90 IQ - is more or less what percentage voted for the Civic Platform.
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great material, to be honest is what they are talking at the beginning is annoying, I mean our freedom, that it is limited, so we can not decide on a rug, for example, about how we want to eat at all you are looking for a prescription in the regulatory environment particularly good is in the EU directives with their
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hahaha with the arms and the kids was good. Glock is probably the 3 systems to prevent accidental shot. Let me guess the government is the solution to all these problems that we zagrarzają. What's more is the best solution.
What we really should be worried?

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