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For stoneware - garlic and onions

Not anymore once I saw how people keep the onion and garlic in therefrigerator, where due to low temperatures is a fairly dry climate, butstill does not guarantee us that they do not spoil if it's garlic or onions.

In my opinion, much more effective method is to keep throwing the garlic and onion to pot a flint, which creates a climate of silica whichblocks all processes of decay and maintained so things do not spoilsię.Tak retain long kept fresh, not dry and they are firm.

I tried to hold the garlic on the table in glass bowls, but theyunfortunately did not produce the right climate and garlic canzapleśnieć. Perhaps it is a matter of airiness - a bowl is about 5 cm, and a good stone pot 20cm - perhaps at the height of substancessuch oils do not escape to the outside and protect products fromspoilage. (ceramics)
For stoneware - garlic and onions

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