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Do not let this shed demolished.

In 2006 Waldemar board, known reggae musician (co-founder ofDAAB) built on his plot of Kazimierz house (hut made of boards)for 10 thousand. zł, where he settled with his wife. Officials saw itas arbitrary construction and demolition order issued. Waldekimagined that I would, nevertheless consciously built his barn is not any official asking for permission (and so that it did not get).

His fight for the house is still ongoing and pending beforedifferent courts. Each may be willing to support it by signing thepetition mail:

- I have not broken the law - says Waldemar, not destroyednature or the landscape, not stepped into a foreign land! There istherefore no substantive reason for the demolition of the shedbut my failure to comply with my administrative requirements.

Do not let this shed demolished.

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