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Codex Alimentarius herbs shops


That's all for your good: Zinc Ointment, Ichthyol, shampoo, orvitamin C can harm you, if you buy it in the herb shop, andapparently it was to be one of the more conspiracy theories.

Apparently, officials from the Ministry of Health realized that blewin their concerns about our health and a year ago announced a list of drugs prohibited verifications for sale in the herbal shops, but where is this new list? - have little choice but to learn theherbs, so it will be able to collect it yourself and prepare for our own needs. For those who have not yet figured out - the fight withherbs roll pharmaceutical companies, which can not patentherbs, but they know very well how good are herbs for people, sotry herbs appropriated for themselves and leave us pharmaciesbuying their over-complicated mixtures of herbs, which may already patented and zbijać us a thick dough.

Codex Alimentarius herbs shops

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