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Woody aloe - Aloe arborescens (Mill.)

Woody aloe - Aloe arborescens (Mill.) 
Variable Aloe - Aloe eru (Berger) 
Versicolor Aloe - Aloe variegata (L.) 
African Aloe - Aloe africana (Mill.) 
Armed Aloe - Aloe ferox (L.) 
Aloe vera - Aloe vera (L.) 
Family - Liliaceae 
Botanical description 

1. Aloe woody - perennial growing up to 5 m high, stem simple, fleshy, woody pit and peeling, the list of narrow, thick, gray-green, bearing spines at the edges, small flowers, red, mounted on long stalks, occurring in winter and early spring ; perianth dzwonkowo-cylindrical, bottom connate, stamens 6, Side 1; fruit - bag. Originally from South Africa. Often grown in pots. 

2. Aloe variable - a plant similar to the former, a native of southern Africa, leaves pale green, covered with white spots and have spikes on the end of the red, tubular flowers, yellow or orange. 

3. Aloe versicolor - long-time plant with a short stalk, thickly covered with leaves, dark green leaves, white lateral stripes on the edges with a hard, various shapes spines, red flowers. 

Raw material 

They are used whole, fresh plants or their leaves. The plant juice is obtained which is subjected to concentration by heating (water evaporation). Concentrated and concentrated aloe juice is called alony. Alona completely dried powder has a specific smell and bitter taste, easily soluble in water, glycerin, ethyl alcohol and acetic acid.It is used in the recipe for oral pills, laxatives, and tincture of aloe - Aloe tincture. 

Chemical composition 

Parenchyma tissue of Aloe contains many minerals (eg copper, iron, cobalt, molybdenum, calcium, silicon), organic acids, vitamins, glycosides (aloin) antronowe compounds (eg aleozyna, homonataloina), resins (10%) and tannins, and enzymes. 


Alona irritates mucous membranes of the colon causing congestion, increases intestinal peristalsis - after 8-9 hours, causing diarrhea, increased secretion of gastric, pancreatic and biliary tract; instinctively causes congestion of the uterus and surrounding organs. Aqueous and alcoholic extracts of fresh and natural aloe vera juice concentrate does not act to stimulate the Granulopoiesis (maturing granulocytes), generally strengthening (tonic) increase the number of B cells exacerbating a humoral response (enhance the immune system of the disease), accelerate granulation and wound healing, very positive effect on the eye. In addition, aloe syrup in combination with iron preparations and vitamin team becomes the perfect means of increasing the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. 


Alona: constipation, intestinal atony. 

Other preparations of aloe: all skin diseases (eg, chronic psoriasis, acne), reduced resistance to bacterial and viral infections, general weakness and malaise, loss of appetite and poor digestion, faulty metabolism, disorders of the eye, inflammation of the appendages, anemia, hair disorders, skin and mucous membranes slowly healing, bronchial asthma, infectious diseases. 

Contraindications for alony: inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, pregnancy, menstruation, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (appendicitis!). 

Formulations, dosage and application: 

- Alona - 50 mg as the bitterness of stomach, in doses of 100-300 mg - as a cleaning agent (once); 

- Aloe tincture of alony - as bitterness - 5 drops 3 times per plot; 

- Aloe tincture from the fresh leaves of plants or the same - three times the plot of 5 ml in 50 ml of water and externally to the washes and pędzlowań diseased sites in undiluted form, the solution (15 ml + 100 ml of water) - to 1-2 hours, and compresses rinse (mouth, throat, ears); 

- Aqua Aloe (Aloe water: 3-4 aloe pogniecone pour 400 ml boiling water, infuse 30 minutes, strain)-oral - 50 ml every 8 hours, for compresses on the eyes and washes in inflammation and pus, and itching łzawieniu ( 15-minute changing every 5 minutes) and compresses to the skin, as a rinse of the mouth, throat, genitals, ears to enemas with infections and inflammatory bowel and rectum (150 ml rectally); 

- Sirupus Aloe - 4 times 15 ml plot; 

- Vinum Aloe - 4 times a plot of 5 ml (or 3 times the plot after 15 ml); 

- Succus Aloe (Aloe vera juice) - four times the plot of 10 ml; 

- Mel Aloe - 3-4 times a plot of 1 tablespoon; 

- Maceratio Aloe (the proportion of water as a raw material for the Aqua Aloe) 50 ml every 8 hours, the washes, washes and wraps. 

- Biostymina (Phytopharm) and extractum Aloe (Medexport) - amp.1 ml (10 pcs) - IM 1 amp. every other day (treatment -20-30 repeat injections and after 3 months break), children weighing 1920-1935 kg - 0.5 ml every two days, medicament injected very slowly! 

Rp. Aloe Unguentum: 


- 1 tablespoon of aloe, 

- 3 tablespoons cream or ointment Linomag (Alantan, tranowej, marigolds) 

- 1 tablespoon liquid glycerin, 

- 1 tablespoon white petroleum jelly, 

- Perfume oil (such as lemon, almond) - 3 drops. 

Produce heat. 

Aloe Ointment works on the skin and lip nourishing, natłuszczająco, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and ochraniająco. 

Rp. Aloe Gel (aloe vera gel): 


- Tincture Aloe - 6 spoons, 

- Boiled water - 6 tablespoons, 

- Liquid glycerin - 3 tablespoons, 

- Edible gelatin - almost the whole tablespoon. 

Method: Pour gelatin into a saucepan, pour boiling water and heating gently mix ingredients until the merger, add glycerin mixed with a tincture, mix again and also add 1 teaspoon of cologne (ie Przemysławki). Pour into a suitable container and transfer to a cold place to be frozen. 

Exerts its protective, softening (rozpulchniające), anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerating properties. Use for oily skin, acne, aftershave, and to cultivate the feet and hands and cracked horny. 
In pharmacies and herbal stores you can buy aloe preparations: Laxatan Leo-Pillen (Casella-med.) - 80 mg irritating - in constipation, digestive disorders, and insufficient peristaltic movements of the digestive tract - 1-2 irritant 1 time plot; Bioaron C (Phytopharm He kneels) - syrup made, including addition of chokeberry extract and vitamin C (5-10 ml three times dz) - a reduced resistance to disease, chronic skin diseases (eg acne, psoriasis, purulent diseases, fungal infections) in the respiratory nieżytach and the weakened; Boldovera (AFLOPA) - tabl. (Include additional boldynę and extract from smokebox) - the spasms of gastrointestinal and biliary tract, gall stones, zastojach bile, liver pains, stomach pains, indigestion and constipation - 2 tabl. 1-2 times the plot but not longer than 2 weeks and do not take during pregnancy and lactation; Obstilax (NP Pharma) - tabl. additionally containing extract and marshmallow cumin and medicinal soap - 1 tablet in constipation. 1 time plot after eating, but not longer than 10 days; Apinorm (Apipol-Farma) - syrup made additionally containing tincture anis, caraway tincture, an extract from the strong orange and aloe ziołomiód - regulates bowel preparation, work relaxant, wiatropędnie, expectorant, cholagogic and strengthening - 5-10 ml 1 time plot for constipation and digestive disorders as well as a slow metabolism, but not longer than 10 days, then make the 2 week break.
Woody aloe - Aloe arborescens (Mill.)

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