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Rhododendron tomentosum (syn. Ledum palustre) (L.); (!)


Family - Ericaceae


Plant (shrub) grows up to 150 cm high, with a strong, specific (some rosemary-muszkatołowym) odor kutnerowate young branches rusty, cold-resistant leaves, leathery, hairy underneath kutnerowato, with shimmering top, lanceolate równowąsko, with rolled edges, flowers concentrated in clusters, peak flowering, white or slightly yellowish różowobiałe, with lots of pollen, flower stalks are long, kutnerowate, flowers 5-allotments, 5-leaf, 10-staminate and 1-bar, fruit - capsule pendulous, oblong, 5 -BULKHEAD, with small, oskrzydlonymi seeds. It blooms in May, June and July. It grows in the northern lowlands, in the Sudeten Mountains, Greater Poland, the Carpathians, in the Bieszczady mountains and forests of the Lower Beskid and Podkarpacie. It likes wet soil, peat, mud (marsh). You can meet him in the wet forests, the waters of the marshes.


The raw material is a leaf - Folium Ledi palustris. The leaves harvested before flowering, or in the flowering stage and dried at 20-400C.

The chemical composition

The raw material contains an essential oil - 0.3-2% (ingredients: palustrol, mircen, ledol), glycosides (arbutin, erykolina, dafnina), resin materials (mezereina), flavonoids (including kwercytryna), tannic acid ledotaninowy, terakserol , ursolic acid, tannins and others.


Marsh has a strong pharmacological effect on the animal organism. Externally applied local anesthetic works (analgesic effect), warming, antiseptic and improves circulation. Internally, the disinfecting effect, napotnie, warming, przeciwreumatycznie, diuretic, expectorant, trawiennie, cholagogue and spasmolytic. Very calming. Ideal not only disinfects the digestive tract, but also the urinary tract and respiratory tract. Smooth muscle in the trachea and bronchi (breathing easier), and gastrointestinal tract.

Indications: Externally - inflammation of the nerves, muscles and joint pain (lumbago, back pain, etc.), freezing, seborrhea and diseases associated with it (acne, inflammation), purulent skin diseases (boils, pimples), viral (eg herpes) and fungal infections, ulcers, lichen, eczema, insect bites, trophic changes. Liniment, tincture or oil rubbed palustrowy recommend whole body before going to bed during infectious disease, rhinitis and respiratory colds.

Internally (in addition to the above mentioned diseases): rheumatism, arthritis, cough, runny nose, flu type diseases, mumps, and strep throat, bronchial asthma, scanty menstrual flow, oliguria, edema, pain in the heels and soles (homeopathy), urinary tract infections, constipation , chills, nervous exhaustion.

Contraindications: allergy to the plant after oral administration or external application (not the pollen that causes sneezing and everybody gets a runny nose, dizziness and even!), Hematuria, pregnancy, vomiting, diarrhea.

Symptoms of poisoning: diarrhea, dizziness, numbness of extremities, hematuria, irritation and burning sensation in the stomach and throat, malaise, nausea and vomiting, retching disgust, skin rash. After applying the external (allergy symptom): itching, burning skin, blisters or eczema with serous fluid.

First aid: state poisoned the water with salt to induce vomiting, take 20 tablets of activated charcoal, go to the hospital.

Preparation, dosage and use of:

· Infusion - in cold and cough and cold - 4 times with 15 ml of plot, in other conditions - 2-3 times a journal of the 30-50 ml mouthwash, throat, genital and hair, the washes and compresses . When using oral sweeten with honey or fruit juice.

· Tincture Ledi palustris - 4 times the plot after half a teaspoon, the washes, pędzlowań, as a rinse - 15 ml of tincture + 150 ml water; to wcierań the skin and hair.

· Alkoholmel Ledi palustris - 4 times a plot of 5 ml.

· Oleum Ledi palustris - to wcierań the skin and lubricants diseased sites; orally - 2 times the plot of 1 teaspoon.

· Linimentum Ledi palustris - rubbed on the sore place two times the plot and then wrap elastic bandage:

Rp. Liniment palustrowe

Ledi Oleum palustris - 15 ml

Tincture of Mint (peppermint drops) - 3 ml

Glycerin Liquid - 20 ml

Cosmetic salicylic alcohol - 5 ml

Ammonia powder (baking) or ammonium bicarbonate - 1 slightly heaped teaspoon of tea.

Sp. Palustrowy oil mixed with glycerin, then pour into baking ammonia, pound until the connection, then pour in remaining ingredients. Before use, shake or stir heavily. While stirring the ammonia formed small bubbles of gas (gaseous ammonia), which is normal. Keep in an airtight container. Liniment very effective.
Note! No preparations of the swamp is not given orally to children under 13 y o. They can however be used externally.

Rhododendron tomentosum (syn. Ledum palustre) (L.); (!)

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