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Elderberry, Red Elderberry (kalinka) - Sambucus racemosa (L.)


Elderberry, Red Elderberry (kalinka) - Sambucus racemosa (L.)

Family - Caprifoliaceae


Shrub grows up to 3 m high , leaves nieparzysto - botrys about 5-7 episodes , segments oblong, elliptical, pointed, banks Serrata leaves develop simultaneously with the flowers , bracts small , flaking , inflorescences subglobose or ovoid, compact , wierzchowate ; flowers first greenish , then yellowish , seed heads appear as dense panicles ( complex cluster ), the fruit is a red drupe . It flowers from April to May. It occurs in forests and thickets , grows wild throughout the country.



The raw material is the fruit of elderberry coral - Fructus Sambuci racemosae . Collected only ripe fruit and dried in the open oven heated to a temperature 8OO C. valuable resource with fresh fruit , which can prepare juices , syrups and jellies .


The chemical composition

Fruits contain sugar - about 3 % , organic acids - about 2 % , carotene , ascorbic acid - about 20-50 mg/100 g, ursolic acid , tannins , alkaloids , pectin and characteristic for the type of glycoside Sambucus .


Operation and use

Juice and syrup is used in diseases of the przeziębieniowych , a fever , an infectious disease , in oliguria and certain skin diseases associated with metabolic disorders . A decoction is similar to the syrup and juice , that is, diaphoretic , antipyretic , slightly diuretic , expectorant , regulates metabolism and bowel movements .

A decoction of the fruit : 2-3 tablespoons of dried pour 2 cups of water , cook 3 min . , Let stand for 20 minutes , strain , sweeten with honey. Drink several times a day 150-200 ml depending on the age of children - 50-100-150 ml .


Rp . Juice or fruit syrup lilac coral - Kalinka

3-4 kg of fruit wash and pour 3-4 cups of sugar and leave covered for 5-8 hours . , Then fruits to cook in their own juice for 15 minutes, strain the juice obtained through a nylon sieve and sweeten to taste hot , and if the every 1 liter of juice give 1 kg of sugar syrup to get . Juice or syrup, pour into bottles or jars and be pasteurized for 20 minutes in water at a temperature of 80-90 C. Store in a dark , cool place. The remaining weight of the fruit we rub through a sieve to get nylon puree , which should sweeten to taste and also be pasteurized . Juice or syrup to pour tea or drink after appropriate dilution with water boiled .


Notes ! Raw fruits may not be eating . Do not consume milk containing fruit stones .

Elderberry, Red Elderberry (kalinka) - Sambucus racemosa (L.)

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