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Dyer's broom, dyer’s greenweed, dyer's whin, waxen woad and waxen wood - Genista (Fabaceae)



1 Dyer's broom - Genista tinctoria - żółcidło - shrub growing up to 60 cm in height, at first glance similar to lnicy , twigs annual grooved , angular , built on top of the adjacent hairy , leaves single, lanceolate or elliptical, banks and conductive bundles - hairy , bracts small , szydlaste , inflorescence - a bunch of peaks , flowers yellow , fruit - pod . It flowers from June to August. It grows in dry forests and sunny hills , is found in lowlands and in the Carpathian .

2 Gorse - Genista germanica - shrub growing up to 60 cm high , twigs hairy , mature with spikes , flowering - without thorns ; leaves isolated , lanceolate or elliptical , bracts none; inflorescence - a bunch , flowers yellow , legumes , stamens 10 zrosłych together threads , post 1 ; fruit - hairy pod , seeds dark brown , flattened , a total of 2-6 units. It blooms from May to July. It grows in pine forests and sunny hills . Widespread in the lowlands .



The broom barwierskiego will use the flowering herbs - Herb Genistae tinctoriae , while the thorny gorse flowering herb and seed - Herb Genistae germanicae et Semen G. germanicae . Both materials are dried at temperatures up to 40 ° C.


The chemical composition

Herb and thorny gorse seeds include: sparteine ​​, cytisine , metylocytyzynę , anagirynę , flavonoids , tannins , essential oil and bitter .

Dyer's broom herb has similar chemical composition and contains about 0.33% alkaloids ( genistein , sparteine ​​, anagirynę , cytisine , metylocytyzynę ) , flavonoids ( luteolin ) , bitterness , tannins, volatile oil .



The alkaloids contained in extracts janowcach give a bitter taste , well seep into the water and alcohol and glycerin; stimulate the respiratory center , slow heart rate , decrease the sensitivity of the heart muscle , slow conduction of stimuli in cardiac autonomic fibers inhibit cardiac arrhythmias , shrink the uterus , increase the tension of the nervous system parasympathetic . Other chemical components and known to us as alkaloids have strong diuretic, diaphoretic , laxative (weak) , tranquilizers , anti-inflammatory , anticalculus ( prevent the formation of urinary stones ) , Bile , decongestants , lower blood pressure , stimulate the appetite , enhance the secretion of gastric juice , improve digestion .

Indications : tachycardia , atrial fibrillation, cardiac neurosis , palpitations, stabbing the heart, agitation , insomnia , high blood pressure , inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis , edema , fever, oliguria , constipation , abnormal secretion of bile. They also help in diseases of the spleen and stop menstruation.

Infusion: 2 tablespoons herb pour 2 cups boiling water , let stand for 20 minutes . , Strain. Drink 3-4 times a plot of 100 ml, children weighing 15-20 kg - 21 ml , 25-30 kg - 35 ml , 35-40 kg - 50 ml , 45-50 kg - 64 ml , 55 kg - 78 ml 3-4 times the plot

Powder Dyer's broom - Pulvis Genistae : dry seeds thorny gorse grind in a coffee grinder . Take three times a plot of 1/3 teaspoon , well drink . Powdered herbs can be mixed with honey ( 1 teaspoon flat powder 2 tablespoons of honey and 10 drops of glycerin or alcohol ) and take three times a plot of 1 tablespoon .

Tincture Dyer's broom - tincture Genistae : half cups of herb pour 400 ml of vodka , digest 14 days ; filter. Take three times a plot of 10 ml in 50 ml of water. Also prepares intrakt in the same proportion to the alcohol and dried like taking , alcoholic extracts can be mixed with honey in the ratio of 1:1 (resulting Alkoholmel Genistae ) and take three times a plot of 1 tablespoon .

Tincture of seeds 2 tablespoons ground seeds pour 100 ml of vodka , macerate 10 days ; filter. Take three times a plot of 20-30 drops in heart disease .

In the case of urolithiasis suggest the following medication (using the set good therapeutic effects , but certainly it will not be so good for all patients , but you can try , which enables and facilitates the removal of sand and small stones in the urinary tract .

Rp .

  • The infusion of broom - 50 ml
  • Infusion of połonicznika - 50 ml
  • Infusion of celandine - 50 ml
  • A decoction of the bark and twigs of birch - 50 ml

Liquid Glycerin - the amount depending on the body weight (i.e., for every 1 kg of body weight give 1 g of glycerol , for example, a person weighing 56 kg should consume 56 g of glycerol , 45 kg - 45 g of glycerol , etc., glycerol is sold in pharmacies after 30 g).

Liquids stir and drink at once. Drug use one plot once in the morning or in the evening for 5-6 days, then you must do two -week break . All components are very important; strange it may give someone drinking a quantity of glycerin , but less than the full dose is not due role. The only adverse event of Spec is that it causes diarrhea , which occurs , however, in a gentle manner , and by the way, saying that from time to time, it is advisable to complete a bowel movement , remove lingering stool from the intestines that give off toxic and very harmful to the body substances , particularly important is the frequent abdominal pain , digestive disorders , skin diseases and infectious diseases as well as in obesity and malaise . After this treatment every person here will feel a lot better , will experience significant relief and return of strength.

But back to the main substance of the drug. Celandine has a strong relaxant for the urinary tract (which increases their light ), which allows the passage of small stones by urinary lines , also bears a possible colic and calms the patient. For this reason , the patient may feel pain should have a supplementary analgesic and antispasmodic drug such as Vegantin , Isalgin , No- Spa, Tolargin , Vegantalgin (if necessary take 2 tablets . , Or draż any of these drugs , it can be also do preventive ) . Tolargin having a strong relaxant and analgesic should be used rectally - 1 suppository. We also know that extracts from połonicznika , birch bark and broom rozkruszają urinary stones and sand deposits in facilitating their removal ( by a stream of liquid discharged ) . Glycerin helps kidney stones pass through the urinary tract , which can be learned from old medical books and perhaps personally . The majority of the glycerol is rapidly converted to glucose causing transient hyperglycemia and strong diuretic effect .


During the day, drink an infusion of the following herbal ingredients :

Rp .

  • Goldenrod herb - 1 tbsp
  • Horsetail herb - 1 tbsp
  • Leaf blueberry , bearberry leaves or twigs or herbs pear with in the swamp . - 1 tablespoon
  • Herb połonicznika - 1 tbsp
  • Couch grass rhizome - 1 tbsp
  • Nettle leaf - 1 tablespoon

Mix. 3 tablespoons of mixture pour 2 cups of boiling water , boil , let stand for 20 minutes , strain. Drink 3-4 times a plot of 200 ml .

Dyer's broom, dyer’s greenweed, dyer's whin, waxen woad and waxen wood - Genista (Fabaceae)

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