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Bog Bilberry, Northern Bilberry - Vaccinium uliginosum (Ericaceae)


Bog Bilberry, Northern Bilberry - Vaccinium uliginosum (Ericaceae)

General information about the plant

Bog bilberry ( drunkard , durnica , łochynia ) is a deciduous shrub , flowers 1-4 at the ends of twigs , berry spherical or pear shape , blue , covered dark blue coating. It occurs commonly throughout the country , like the soil moist , marshy . Berries of this plant are very valuable , in terms of vitamins outweigh cowberry , and are also very tasty. It is a valuable berry plant growing next to wetlands often ordinary - Ledum palustre .


Marsh pollen produces light that the wind or by deducting the plants easily rises into the air. People collecting innocent bog blueberry fruit along with the air inhaled pollen ordinary swamp which delivers toxic to many people, especially allergies ( bewilderment , " dark in front of you are doing " , headache , sneezing , runny nose , conjunctivitis and tearing ) . Berries us interesting not contain any harmful chemicals to humans , it contains pollen swamp.

Bog blueberry fruit contains a lot of organic acids (such as citric, malic ) , fructose , minerals , vitamin C - 30 mg/100 g, vit. A - 200 IU , vit. P - 380 mg, vit. PP - 90 ug , pectin - O, 50 % and more.

Before eating fruit must be carefully rinsed in water marshes conjunction with pollen . The berries can make jams, juices , jellies , preserves and wine , as well as berry blueberry and cranberry (see there).

Bog Bilberry, Northern Bilberry - Vaccinium uliginosum (Ericaceae)

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