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Bilberry (Blueberry) - Vaccinium myrtillus


Bilberry (Blueberry) - Vaccinium myrtillus

Wikipedia: "whortleberry"or "European blueberry". It has much in common with the American blueberry (Vaccinium cyanococcus). It is more precisely called Common Bilberry or Blue Whortleberry, to distinguish it from other Vaccinium relatives. Regional names include blaeberry, hurtleberry, Huckleberry, winberry and fraughan.


Shrub growing up to 60 cm high , branches green , angular , leaves fall in winter , ovate , serrated banks ; flowers embedded singly in the leaf axils , calyx indistinctly 5 - feed , crown greenish or pinkish , zrosłopłatkowa , spherical- dzbaneczkowata , aimed at the top 5 cloves ; stamens 8 or 10, column 1 ; fruit - black berry with a bluish tint and luscious dark red flesh. In Poland, common in the lowlands and mountains , is growing in the woods.


The raw material are black berries and leaves - Fructus et Folium myrtilli , FP III, IV and V. The fruits can be purchased at herbal stores and sometimes in pharmacies (pack of 25 and 50 g).

Leaves harvested before or during flowering or fruit when harvested , dried at 20 ° -40 ° C. The fruits are harvested firm , first dried in the open air in the shade, in the attic or in an apartment in temperature to 40 ° C and creased when the subject must be an open oven dried at a temperature of heated to 80 ° C.


The chemical composition

The fruits contain vitamin C - 14-15 mg/100 g, vit. A - 280 IU wit . P - 480 mg, vit. B1 - 30 ug , Vit . B- - 50 g , vit. PP - 400 ug , pectin - 0.42 % , inositol , tannins - 2-3 g / kg , sugar - about 7% , quarter apple - ok . 0.80% , minerals - about 0.30% (lots of manganese, iron , calcium, also ultraelement - rad) , wakcyaninę ( glycoside with benzoic acid ) , glkokininy , myrtylliny ( anthocyanins ) , provitamin D , square oxalic lemon square , square , quinic acid and square feet amber .

The leaves contain inositol, metyloarbutynę , arbutin , erykolinę ( bitterness ) , glikokininy , flavones , essential oils , acids, salts and vitamins. Inositol - cyclohexane hexahydric alcohol , showing a lipotropic effect , prevent fatty liver , like methionine and choline popular in plants , affecting the metabolism of fats and prevents muscle atrophy , regulates gastric contents in the digestive system interacts closely with folic acid , does not dissolve in alcohol is soluble in water.


Operation and use

Extracts from the leaves of diuretics , antidiarrheal , diaphoretic , antipyretic , antiseptic ( hydroquinone arbutin resulting in a particularly strong disinfects the urinary tract and kidneys) , przeciwcukrzycowo ( lower blood glucose levels), detoxification , przeciwkrwotocznie , anti-inflammatory, cholagogue , stimulate gastric acid secretion and appetite , regulate metabolism and digestion. Benzoic acid contained in the plant, an expectorant .

Infusion: 2 tablespoons of leaves pour 2 cups boiling water , let stand for 30 minutes , then strain . Drink four times a plot of 100 ml, children and infants administered as an infusion of cranberry .

Tincture: half cups leaves pour 400 ml of vodka , macerate 14 days ; filter. Take 3-4 times a plot of 1 teaspoon or used externally as an astringent .

Intrakt : half cups of fresh crushed leaves pour 400 ml of hot alcohol, digest 10 days ; filter. Use as a tincture .

Fruit extracts work poorly diuretic , slightly antiseptic , przeciwcukrzycowo , nourishing , strengthening , detoxification , improve cerebral blood flow and ocular treat diarrhea and indigestion.

Tincture of fruit : fields cups dry ground fruit pour 40C ml of vodka , macerate 14 days ; filter. Take 3-4 times a plot of 15 ml of water or milk . Children administered in milk sweetened with honey.

The fresh fruit is worth cook intrakt . If intraktu 100 ml or 100 ml of tincture ladies young and then mix to get Alkoholmel myrtilli the expectorant action and strengthening . Alkoholmel take 3-4 times the plot of 1 tablespoon . Children give 1-2 teaspoons of this product .


Blueberry juice

Washed fresh berries pass through a juicer or slightly crushed , pour a small amount of water ( mid- weight) , pour a small amount of sugar , cover and let stand for 8 hours . , Then cook cranberries in their own juice for 10 minutes, pour the fruit mass screening. The resulting juice sweeten ( if, for every 1 liter of juice, 1 kg of sugar we get here and expectorant syrup tonic ) . Juice ( syrup ) to decant jars or bottles and be pasteurized for 20 minutes in water at a temperature of 80 ° C. The remaining fruit mass us rub through nylon mesh to obtain a puree , which must be pasteurized , and sweeten .


Jam with blueberries and apples :


  • 1 kg berries
  • 1 kg of apples
  • 1 kg of sugar

Rinse the berries , mash , add a quarter liter of water, boil 10 minutes , rub through a sieve , mix with sugar and cook a few minutes , put the apples are not very mature , rinsed and chopped into slices and cook until apples are soft and thick jam respectively . Hot submitted to the jars , twist , wrap in a thick blanket over 1 hr. - Dry pasteurization or be pasteurized wet - put into the water (so that the water covered jars) at a temperature of 80 - 90o C , hold 20 minutes in the water.


Blueberry - Pear Jam


  • 1 kg of blueberries
  • Half a kg of pears
  • 50 grams of sugar

Rinse berries. With sugar and 1 cup water to make syrup, bring to the boil, add the pears , cut into quarters, of course peeled and hollowed out of the slot. Cook until softened and will do almost translucent, then add the cranberries and cook together until they become translucent fruit and juice will show signs of bleeding (it takes about 30-40 min.). Hot jam jars made ​​to quickly turn and be dry or wet pasteurization, like Blueberry and apple jam.


Blueberry jam


  • 1 kg of blueberries
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 1-2 cups cranberry juice (obtained from another part of the fruit with a juicer and can be juice apple, cranberry or other fruit).

The 250-400 ml fruit juice and cook 1 kg of sugar syrup or improved . The improved hot blueberry fruit and toss to cover only improved fruit - set aside, covered, until the next day . The next day the building clay fruit fry until they are transparent. The cold made ​​the jars and turn . Yes cooked jam does not require pasteurization, and should be stored in a cool place it can be a refrigerator.

Bilberry (Blueberry) - Vaccinium myrtillus

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