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Angelica Litwor (Medical) - archangelica officinalis (Hoffm.)

Angelica Litwor (Medical) - archangelica officinalis (Hoffm.) 
Coastal angelica - archangelica litoralis (Fr.) 
Family - Umbelliferae 


Angelica Litwor - biennial growing up to 150 cm high, stems striate, strong band; leaves 2-3-times pinnate, with leaves sercowatojajowatych, uneven edge piłkowanych; leaf sheaths inflated; flowers gathered in baldachy, hairy, białozielone or yellowish, small, 5-patch, five stamens, pistil 1; fruit-rozłupnia disintegrating into two rozłupki. The whole plant smells nice. Lower leaves are very large. It grows in water, moist soils or wetlands, mainly in the foothills and mountains, often cultivated. It blooms from June to August. 

Angelica riparian plant - similar to the previous two years, however, growing up to 3 m high and a stronger smell. It grows in Pomerania on the Baltic. 

Raw material 

The raw material is: root, leaf and fruit - Radix (FP II et III), Folium et Fructus Archangelicae (Angelicae). 

Angelicae Radix (Watermelon, Herbapol) - in the free sale in pharmacies and herbal shops (pack of 50 g). Raw materials are dried at 50 ° C. 

Chemical composition 

Root and herb contain: essential oil in an amount of about 1%, and it felandren, pinene, cymol, acids (metylomasłowy, angelikowy et al.) Addition of coumarin and its derivatives (bergapten, angelicyna, umbeliferon, umbeliprenina, ostol, ostenol, ksantotoksynę, imperatorynę et al.), tannins, flavonoids (archangelon et al.) lactone - pentadekanolid esters, beta-sitosterol, other acids (arachidic, palmitic, valeric, caffeic, chlorogenic, apple), vitamins, resins, significant amounts of starch and pectin. 

Fruits contain fatty oil, volatile oil - about 1.5% and the other above-mentioned substances. 


Aqueous extracts, alcohol and oil of angelica stomachic № influence, lowering blood pressure, calming, stimulating digestion and appetite by increasing the secretion of digestive juices (gastric, intestinal and pancreatic), also affects diuretic, diaphoretic, spasmolytic the urinary tract, intestines, stomach and bile ducts, carminative and a weak analgesic and strongly warming. Externally applied: warming, anesthetics, improving local circulation. 

Indications: Digestive disorders, abdominal cramps and pain in the stomach, liver, pancreas and gall bladder, dysmenorrhea, inflammation of the adnexa, vaginal discharge, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, gallstones, and urinary, inflammation of the digestive tract and urinary tract, oliguria, cold, infectious diseases, skin diseases, poisoning, metabolic disorders, freezing, fever, inflammation of the respiratory system. 

Externally: skin disorders, inflammation of the mouth and throat, conjunctivitis, and eyelid, tearing, eye itching, purulent eye conditions, inflammation of ears, greasy hair, greasy dandruff, oily skin, and inflammatory states zakażeniowe genitals. For wcierań the nerve, muscle and stawobólach, colds, nieżytach respiratory, infectious diseases and general and zmarznięciu. 

Formulations, dosage and application: 

- Infusion - 4 times a plot of 100 ml or 3 times a plot of 150 ml before or after eating. For enemas (indigestion, urinary feces, 

inflammation of the rectum and colon) - 150-200 ml of rectal 1 time plot, lotions, compresses, and washes. 

- Decoction - 4 times a plot of 100 ml, to enemas, mouthwashes, wraps. 

- Tincture Archangelicae - 1-2 times a plot of 10 ml or 4 times a plot with 5 ml of washings, pędzlowań, after dilution (1 tablespoon tincture + 100-150 ml of water) to rinse and wraps. 

- Mel Archangelicae - four times the plot of 1 teaspoon, good drink. 

- Alkoholmel Archangelicae - 4 times a plot of 5 ml with coughs and colds. 

- Pulvis Archangelicae - 2-3 times the plot after half a teaspoon of tea. 

- Oleum Archangelicae - 1 tablespoon two times the plot after a meal and enema (100-150 ml rectally), wcierań, lubricated, wraps, facials, bath oils in your hair, as a condiment for salads, marinades, fish and soups and sauces. 

- Extractum Archangelicae for vodka - 2-3 times the plot after half a teaspoon; to pędzlowań and washings, after dilution (15 ml + 250 ml water) compresses and rinses. 

- Vinum Archangelicae - 15-20 ml 3 times a div before or after eating. 
The pharmacies and herbal shops are available formulation Melisana Benediktinen Melissengeist (Pharma-Zentrale) - liquid, containing ethanol extract of angelica (750 mg), ginger, lemon balm, Caryophyllales, lemon and cinnamon - 5 ml orally on sugar in the digestive disturbance. Topically to rub the neuralgia and mięśniobólach.
Angelica Litwor (Medical) - archangelica officinalis (Hoffm.)

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