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Aminek Egyptian - visnaga Ammi (L. );(!)

Aminek Egyptian - visnaga Ammi (L. );(!) 
Aminek bigger - maior Ammi (L.) (!) 
Family - Umbelliferae 

Botanical description 

Aminek Egyptian - biennial, it grows up to 50 h; stalk finely striate, branched, double or triple letter pierzastodzielne; foliage - skrętoległe; inflorescences - baldachy; crown 5-Serrated, Side 1, stamens 5; corolla petals white, fragrant, fruit - rozłupnia (2 rozłupki).It blooms in June, July and August. It grows in Mediterranean countries, South America and Latin America. Cultivated in many countries. 

Aminek larger - a biennial growing up to 100 cm in height, root fusiform, whitish or cream-colored, mountain branched stem, brass, upright and strong, the list of various shapes, 2-fold pierzastosieczne; lower - Petiolated, top-seated or almost bezogonkowe; flowers baldachach, white, 5-patch, fragrant, fruit - rozłupnia elliptical shape disintegrates into two parts. It occurs in the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Europe, South America, Australia and South America. and the North. Plants grown in many countries in Europe, for example, on a large scale in Southern Ukraine. 

Raw material 

It uses the fruits aminków - Fructus Ammi (depending on the species added to the above name - Maioris or visnagae), FP IV. In pharmacies and other shops you can buy herbal tincture of aminka Egyptian - tincture visnagae Ammi (25 et 35 g) and fruit or fruit aminka keli (Herba Lux) - Op. 50 g. 

Chemical composition 

Fruit and herb aminka Egypt include: piranokumarynę - visnadynę derivatives furochromonu (kelina - about 1%, visnagina - to 0.1%), samidynowe compounds, glycoside - kelininę, kelinol, flavonoids (eg akacetyna), essential oil - ok . 0.1-0.2%, acids (eg, coffee). 

Fruit and herb aminka greater include the following: Whereas furocoumarines (bergapten, imperatorynę, marmezyninę, pimpinellinę, ksantotoksynę and others), volatile oil, psoralens (8-methoxypsoralen). 


Aminek Egyptian influences strongly spazmolityczny (diastolic), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) substantially widens the coronary arteries (kelina works miolitycznie), bronchi (the muscle), intestine and kidney dish, easy breathing. Runs longer than nitroglycerin and stronger than aminophylline. 

Aminek fotouczulająco more work, increases repigmentację skin. 

Indications. Egyptian Aminek: hypertension, bronchial asthma, angina pectoris (angina pectoris), colic and kidney stones, intestinal cramps, stomach and bile duct, gall stones, painful menstruation, stabbing pain in my heart, difficulty breathing after mild exertion. 

Aminek greater: vitiligo, acne, psoriasis, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, rash lights, lichen planus, granuloma mycosis. 

Contraindications. Egyptian Aminek: renal failure, edema, hypotension, anemia, glaucoma. 

Side effects: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, rash, lack of sleep or drowsiness, rarely, only at high doses. 

Synergism. Egyptian Aminek enhances the efficacy of other drugs used to treat coronary artery disease. 

Formulations, dosage and application. 

· Tincture Ammi visnagae (Herbapol) - 30-40 drops 3-4 times a plot after eating. 

· Kelastmin - liquid (40 g) containing, inter alia, Tinct. Ammi an amount of 16 g (Herbapol) - three times the plot after 60 kropli. / currently not produced). 

· Homemade tincture Ammi: ground fruit in the amount of 10 g pour 200 ml of vodka, macerate for 14 days, filter, take 1-3 times the plot after 30 drops. 

· Kelicardina - liquid (40 g) Herbapol containing aminkowy extract in an amount of 6 g - 1940-1960 kr. 3 times a plot (now discontinued). 

· Decoction aminkowy or Decoctum Ammi visnagae - 10 g ground fruits pour 300 ml of water, boil for 5 minutes and allow to stand covered for 20 minutes, strain, and fill to 300 ml, taken three times a plot of 15 ml. 
The more isolated aminka 8 - or 5-methoxypsoralen and 8-izoamylenoksypsoralen. These substances included in the drug known as: Oxsoralen (Gerota) - tabl. 10 mg, Tablets 10 mg; Psoraderm-5 (Pharmacal, Sunlife) - tabl. 20 mg; Meladinin (Galderma) - tabl. 10 mg, Geralen (Gerota) - Capsules 20 mg, Meladinine (Promedica) - tabl. 10 mg, and the solution for topical use. They are used orally and as appropriate solutions - locally, after which the skin is subjected to irradiation quartz lamp or sunlight (PUVA method).
Aminek Egyptian - visnaga Ammi (L. );(!)

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