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Absinthium, absinthe wormwood, green ginger - Artemisia absinthium (!)


Absinthium, absinthe wormwood, wormwood, common wormwood, green ginger or grand wormwood - Artemisia absinthium (!)


Perennial growing up to 100 cm in height, with a strong odor , gray- tomentose , leaves silky - tomentose , 1 to 3 times botrys , the longitudinal sections lanceolate , small flower baskets , dangled , many collected in panicle , only tubular flowers , pale yellow exterior - female internal - bisexual , fruit - achene . Common across the country - the roadsides , on wasteland , on the ruins of old houses and castles , the felling , forest clearings , in neglected gardens , the excavation, construction and rivers.



The raw material is the herb wormwood - Herb Absinthii , FP II, III , IV and V. In pharmacies and herbal stores you can buy : Herb Absinthii - pack of 50 g / Herbapol , Watermelon , Herb Lux ) . Ekspresówki with herb wormwood have a low therapeutic value .

Herbs are harvested before flowering or early flowering : cut down only the upper part of the stem , raw material is dried at 20 ° -40 ° C.


The chemical composition

Herb contains compounds mustard (mustard glycosides) - absyntynę, anabsyntynę, artabsynę, tannins , organic acids (eg, succinic acid) , volatile oil - up to 1 % , potassium , copper and iron , vitamin C, carotene , resins, triterpenes and flavonoids. The essential oil piołunowego includes, among other things: thujone, azulene, pinene, felandren, methyl D- thujone , tujol and kadinen .


Operation and use

Extracts of the herb wormwood work relaxant , diaphoretic , antipyretic , analgesic , and transmissions in bile - creatively , diuretic , sedative przeciwrobaczo and , besides, enhance the secretion of gastric juice , pancreatic and intestinal tract, increases the body's resistance to disease , stimulate the appetite , stimulate digestion, generally enhance , improve mood, eliminate bad odor from the gastrointestinal tract.

Externally extracts of wormwood is used to compress for hard to heal wounds , for burns , the sores on lichens and to rinse the mouth and throat inflammations and abscesses . Wormwood stimulates and regulates the menstrual flow , probably affects the endocrine glands , stimulating the secretory function , and thus the metabolism .

Indications: sparse and irregular menstrual bleeding , absence of menstruation to the exclusion of pregnancy , infectious diseases (eg influenza, tonsillitis ) , convalescence , cold , liver disease (eg, pain , inflammation, jaundice , renal ) and gallbladder ( cholelithiasis , biliary stasis , inflammation ) , loss of appetite , skin diseases (eg psoriasis , rosacea ) and pancreatic endocrine disorders , and digestive and metabolic , anemia (some herbalists believe that wormwood increases the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood) , niedokwaśność , abdominal pain , inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract , constipation and others .

Contraindications : pregnancy, gastrointestinal bleeding , heavy menstruation, lactation .

Infusion: 2 tablespoons dried pour 2 cups boiling water , let stand for 20 minutes . , Strain. Drink 3 times a plot of 100 ml, children from 10 r f , for 12 years - 34 ml , 13 to 14 years - 60 ml , 2-3 times dz , after meals or as needed before a meal.

Tincture absinthe wormwood tincture Absinthii : half cups of herb pour 400 ml of vodka , macerate 14 days ; filter. Take 2-3 times a plot of 1 teaspoon . Children of spirits do not give ! .

Intrakt - Intractum Absinthii ; half cups of fresh minced herb pour 400 ml of hot vodka , macerate 10 days ; filter. Take 2-3 times a plot of 1 teaspoon

Caution! Absinthe wormwood Treatment may last no longer than 15 days after the 7- day break, you can repeat the treatment.

As we know, the herb is thujone . What is thujone ?

Thujone - C10H16O , bicyclic terpene ketone , it is psychoactive component , similar to the spatial structure THC - THC . Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main ingredient of cannabis . Thujone and THC are ligands of the same receptor in the central nervous system. Absyntyna and anebsyntyna that thujone isomers . These compounds are well soluble in alcohol , which is especially a lot of them and intrakcie tincture of wormwood . Long-term use in the form of extracts of wormwood alcohol leads to addiction, and then to the mental and nervous disorders and seizures. Chronic poisoning is known as wormwood absyntyzmu . Aqueous extracts of mugwort wormwood in large doses and often used cause headaches and dizziness , and in women during pregnancy - abortion. Absyntyzm manifested anxiety , vomiting , tremor , loss of consciousness, a state of confusion and excitement.

Absinthium, absinthe wormwood, green ginger - Artemisia absinthium (!)

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