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Orotic acid - Acidum oroticum Orotic Acid, Vitamin B13


Henry Rozanski
Orotic acid - Acidum oroticum
Vitamin B13
Factor galactose in animals, Animal Galactose Factor, Whey Factor
Construction Cleaning: C5H4N2O4 acid, 1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-2 ,6-dioxo-4-pirymidynokarboksylowy, uracylo acid-6-carboxylic acid 6-uracilcarboxylic. 1% solution has a pH of 2.5.

orotic acid

Functions in the body: the nucleotide precursor compounds. Vitamin B13 is an endogenous metabolite formed from karbamylofosforanu and aspartic acid. Reacts with 5-fosforybozo-1-pyrophosphate to form nucleotide orotydylowy, which after decarboxylation is converted to UMP (uridine-5-monophosphate) = Uridine 5'Mono-Phosphate. Arises and is necessary for the transformation of pyrimidines, eg in the synthesis of nucleotides. Participates in the metabolism of folic acid and vitamin B12. Symbiotic intestinal microflora is capable of synthesis of orotowego.

Biochemistry acid orotowego

Pharmacological effects: lowering blood cholesterol, lipotropics, protective of liver parenchyma, detoxification, przeciwartretyczne (lowering uric acid in the blood). It prevents cirrhosis and fatty liver syndrome, protects the liver parenchyma against toxins, including mycotoxins. Increases muscle growth and proliferation of connective tissue. Accelerates regeneration processes.
Indications: arthritis (bottom), atherosclerosis, poisoning, lack of protein in the body, abnormal protein and amino acid changes, multiple sclerosis.
Dosage: Oral: 500-1000 mg/24 h
Preparations: Vigoda (Loges) - Capsules


Orotic acid in animal nutrition

Vitamin B13 positive effect on parenchymatous organs (liver, kidney) and the heart, protecting them against degeneration, cirrhosis, steatosis. Increases body weight gains, prevents excessive przetłuszczeniu tissues. It improves the biochemical qualities of meat, eggs and milk. Accelerates the regeneration of epithelium. Protects the liver and kidneys from the effects of mold mycotoxins that may be present in the feed. Together with inositol, selenium and vitamin E increases the tolerance to mikotoksykozy.

Vitamin H
Methionine, choline, betaine, carnitine, lipoic acid, timonacic acid pangamowy
Natural immunostimulators
Anthranilic acid, or vitamin L
Inositol - Vitamin B8
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Poznan 2003

Orotic acid - Acidum oroticum  Orotic Acid, Vitamin B13

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