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Inositol, Vitamin B8

Henry Rozanski
Inositol, Vitamin B8
Chemical structure: cyclohexane-1 ,2,3,4,5,6-heksol, alcohol sześciowodorotlenowy, a sugar alcohol, cyklitol; isomer of glucose.

The importance of the body: a component of body fluids osmotically active component of glycolipids and glikoproteidów. In some animals (eg, living in water, in insects) to prevent freezing of tissues, like mannitol and sorbitol. Enhances insulin action. Lipotropic factor.Important during development and muscle growth (essential for miogenezy) and the production of sperm (sperm).

Pharmacological effects: anti-atherosclerotic, lipotropics, regulating the metabolism of fats and sugars, activating insulin, anti stłuszczeniu and cirrhosis of the liver, kidneys and heart. It stimulates growth and regeneration of most tissues (growth factor).Reduces diabetic complications. Together with vitamin B6 and vitamin PP beneficial effects on cardiac, cerebral and peripheral circulation.
Symptoms of deficiency: the destabilization of membrane structures, fatty parenchymal organs, muscular atrophy, impaired production of surfactant in the alveoli, abnormal spermatogenesis, infertility, vascular exudates, urinary, muscle paresis, abnormal egg production in birds, growth retardation, obesity, diabetes,atherosclerosis, degenerative changes in the lungs.
In medicine and prevention of diabetes, paresis and muscular atrophy, sperm production disorders, chronic pulmonary inflammation, obesity, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, nerve pain on the ground, Raynaud's disease, intermittent claudication, seborrhea skin diseases and disorders on the background of lipid-sugar , inflammation of the liver and kidneys, hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty degeneration of parenchymal organs, the consequences of alcoholism, mikotoksykozy (toxic fungi, including molds), dizziness and tinnitus on the background of circulatory disorders. Inositol is useful in the treatment of seborrhea and acne, particularly acne on the surface of the lipid disorders and sugar, and steroid rosacea. The painful muscle spasms vascular leg used together with vitamin B1, PP, B6 and dolomite (magnesium + calcium).
Dosage: 1-2 g of inositol / dobę.Gotowe are preparations containing inositol nicotinate (Hamovannad - tabl. Lozenges; Hexanicit - tabl.) Vasodilators to improve circulation and peripheral blood (eg recommended in Raynaud's disease and claudication).
Inositol preparations are available in pharmacies and herbal stores without a prescription in the form of capsules and tablets. Abroad, inositol is a popular vitamin used alone, and is incorporated into many of the mineral-vitamin preparations and peparatów for athletes. Myoinositol is an important component of muscle tissue.
Inzozytol occurs in nine isomeric varieties. Is biologically active myo-inositol = myoinositol (Meso).

Vitamin H
Methionine, choline, betaine, carnitine, lipoic acid, timonacic acid pangamowy
Natural immunostimulators
Anthranilic acid, or vitamin L
Orotic acid - vitamin B13
Document copyrighted
Dr. Rozanski
Poznan 2003????
Inositol, Vitamin B8

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