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Hellebore white, black and green

Hellebore white, black and green
Veratrum album L., Veratrum nigrum L.
Veratrum et Lobelianum Bernh.
Liliaceae Family - Liliaceae

Dr. Henry Rozanski

Medical University. Abstract Background
Department of Social Medicine
Department of History of Medical Sciences
61-771 Poznan
ul. 10 orphans

Head: prof. dr hab. Roman Meissner, MD

Botanical description

1. White hellebore - perennial growing up to 150 cm high, densely hairy, longitudinally crimped leaves, lower - elliptical, upper - lanceolate, inflorescence paniculate, the flowers rather large, white or yellowish-greenish, lower - bisexual, upper - male; perianth 6 -garden stock; stamens 6; Side 1; fruit - bag. We grow in the mountains. Mountains of Europe, Eastern Europe, Siberia, East Asia. It blooms from June to August. He likes deciduous forests, the sources and wet meadows. Sometimes cultivated.

2. Green hellebore, or Lobeliego - perennial to 120 cm high, densely hairy, lower leaves szerokoeliptyczne or ovoid-elliptical, half-covering the stem, jajowatolancetowate, all pointed, hairy bottom, stem robust, thick, densely hairy, with covers wrapped at the base of last year's leaves ; inflorescence paniculate, the flowers yellowish or brunatnozielone; koronokształtny perianth, perianth 6-piece, part of the sepals elliptical, tępawe, finely toothed or almost entire edges, narrowed at the base, 0.1-0.4 mm wide, stamens 6, anthers reniform, 1-chamber, stack of 3-necked, fruit - capsule, oval and angular, 3-cell. It blooms from June to August. It grows in mountain meadows, wet meadows, rare in the lowlands.Sometimes cultivated.
3. Black hellebore - perennial similar to previous ones, with flowers reddish hue.

Cziemierica biełaja (white hellebore) - Veratrum album L.
Source: prof. I. A. Gusynin
Toxicology poisonous plants
(Toksikołogija venomous rastienij; Fito-toksikołogija)
Moscow 1947
(The author's name and title of the work has been translated and recorded in Polish letters)

Pharmaceutical Raw Material

The raw material is the rhizome veratrum - Rhizoma seu Radix Veratri Hellebori albi, FP II or Rhizoma Veratri viridis, or Rhizoma Veratri nigri. Rhizomes are dug in September or October, quickly washed under running water and dried in a ventilated area.

Veratrum album L.
Weisser Germer
Bruno Schönfelder
Heilpflanze Welche ist das?
Stuttgart 1939

Active ingredients

Throughout the plant are alkaloids - about 2% (jerwina C27H43NO9, germina, cewina, germeryna, weratryna, weratralbina, protoweratryna), glycosides, mustard - weratrymaryna acid, chelidonowy acid, weratrynowy.

Ciemiężycach occurring alkaloids can be divided into 3 groups:

1. alkaloids of the alcohol-amine: germina, jerwina, cewina, protoweryna;
2. ether alkaloids: weratrydyna, germitryna, germaryna = germeryna (C37H59NO11) protoweratryna;
3. glycosidic alkaloids: weratrozyna, pseudojerwina C33H49NO

Weratryna - a mixture of alkaloids, mainly weratrydyny C36H51O11N, cewiny (sabadyniny) C27H43O8N, cewadyny C32H49O9N and others who strongly irritates the mucous membranes. Protoweratryna works 10 times more potent than weratryny.

Veratrum Lobelianum Bernh.
Cziemierica Lobelia
Academy of Sciences, SSSR
The Botanical Institute. Komarov
Jadowityje rastienija leaching and pastbiszcz
Collective work, edited by BK Szyszkin (in Polish. Russian)
Leningrad 1950

Properties and applications of

When getting a powdered veratrum on respiratory mucous membranes is a strong sneezing, coughing, drooling and tearing. It is in some sense a natural weapon of the type currently used tear gas. Incompetently used, however, may cause an attack of asthma and death in humans and animals.

Hellebore can replace the foreign material - seeds medical kichawca - Sabadilla officinarum Brandt.

Small doses of veratrum given to stimulate intra-parasympatyczne centers, causing hypotension and bradycardia. Weratryna stimulates digestion, stimulates the nervous system, eliminates fatigue, purges, and a diuretic.

Tincture ciemiężycowa wtarta the skin causes long-lasting local anesthetic, which was used to combat nerve pain and stawobóli mięśniobóli.

Zielarska hellebore plant is highly dangerous. Minimum of overdose causes vomiting, heart muscle damage, unsteadiness, severe irritation of mucous membranes, and finally collapse ending in death. Drying does not reduce the toxicity of the plant material obtained from it. Excessive rubbing ciemiężycowych processed in the skin and applying it to the damaged skin may cause poisoning of the body, including death.

Drugs derived from veratrum may be used only under medical supervision. Dosage is individual. At home, you can only make a tincture and vinegar ciemiężycowy killing lice and fleas, mites and other parasitic arthropods.

Indications: pubic lice and lice, nużeniec (Demodex - hellebore very effective, but dangerous), fleas, house dust mite skin infections, rheumatism, sciatica, myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, pain in the trigeminal nerve.

In homeopathy (dil. D4, D6 - 3 times a day, a drop from 1910 to 1910): the collapse of poisoning, typhoid fever, gastrointestinal catarrh, diarrhea summer, ulcers, weakness.

Externally: sabadylowy vinegar 5%, 5% sabadylowa ointment, tincture of 5%.
Weratryna - alkaloid, but rather a mixture of (Veratrinum) - a white crystalline powder, practically insoluble in pure water, more soluble in alcohol to 4 parts; Veratrinum: maximum single dose of 3 mg, maximum daily dose of 10 mg. Single toxic dose: 5 mg. Lethal dose: 250 mg. 1 gram (1000 mg) weratryny kills the horse. Ok. 2-3 g of powdered herb or rhizome veratrum killed pigs.

Ointment weratrynowa - Unguentum Veratrini: Veratrinum - 0.5 g fat preserved with benzoate (Adipis benzoati) - 10 g; Mf ung. S. ointment, used to rub the pain of arthritis, joint pain and neuralgia.

Tincture ciemiężycowa - tincture Veratri (Nieswurztinktur): 1 pcs.rhizomes of veratrum in 10 parts. alcohol 70%, and macerate for 2 weeks, then filter.

Rp1. Ointment, according to the professor. J. Muszynski:
Veratrini 1.0
Methylii salicylici 5.0 (methyl salicylate)
Chloroformii 5.0 (chloroform)
30.0 anhydrici lanolin (anhydrous lanolin)
M. f. Ungt. S. The rub for rheumatism synovial.

Rp2. Tincture Veratri 30.0
Mentholi 5.0
M. d. s. rubbing the skin in the case of pain.

Rp3. Tincture Veratri 30.0
Aceti 50.0
M. d. s. rub. Against head lice. Dilute half and half with water or a better cup of wrotyczowym and rub thoroughly lousy in the hair of the head. Tie her head scarf. Leave overnight. The morning wash your hair three times, thoroughly comb fine toothed comb. Rinse strong cup wrotyczowym (Tanacetum). Combats the pubic lice.

RP4. Rhizoma Veratri PULVE. 1,0
Flor. Convallariae PULVE. 3,0
Herba Majoranae PULVE. 5,0
Rhiz. Iridis PULVE. 15,0
M. f. PULVE. S. Tabaczka to sneeze with migraine pain.

RP5. Unguentum Veratri - the rubbing anti-rheumatic, by prof. W. Roeske:
Tincture Veratri 5.0
Lanolin 10.0
Vaselini 20.0
M. f. Ungt. S. The rub for rheumatism.

Veratrum album L.
Weisser Germer
Dr. Alois Kosch
Was denn da blüht?
Stuttgart 1958

See also kichawiec Mexican (Medical) - Sabadilla officinarum Brandt

Document copyrighted
Krosno 2000
Poznan 2004 update????
Hellebore white, black and green

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