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Fatty Acids Medium Chain (MCFA)

Fatty Acids Medium Chain (MCFA) 

Aspects of health education 

Dr. Henry Rozanski 

Medium-chain fatty acids (Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) found in commercial products consist mainly of fatty acid fractions of C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, however, from the viewpoint of chemical acids are also 11 - and 12-carbon. Medium-fatty acids are including: kaprowy acid, caproic, caprylic, lauric, heptanoic (C7), pelargonic (C9). 

In the gastrointestinal tract are broken down by pancreatic lipase, are absorbed mainly in the duodenum and small intestine. Are transported in the blood, lymph chylomicrons in the form and to a lesser extent, in the form of liporotein. Thanks, that produces less liporotein minimize the occurrence of atherosclerosis in humans and animals. 

In the mid-twentieth century was introduced into clinical practice preparations based on these fatty acids, which are recommended in the metabolism of fats, as well as a healthy and efficient energy source. Specialists in sports medicine hopes that these acids will help to increase physical performance in endurance sports (eg marathons). 

Medium-fatty acids are transported to the liver where they are subject to beta-oxidation. In the liver, are less bound to albumin, so do not contribute to fatty degeneration of the organ. Medium chain fatty acids can replace the long-chain fatty acids. It is reported that medium chain fatty acids to prevent damage to the liver and stimulate re-synthesis of triglycerides, also enhance the transport of lipids in the body. They work so lipotropowo. 

In animal production medium chain fatty acids by certain zootechników regarded as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters ASW and the factor that controls the gastrointestinal microflora. So far, studies performed in many independent research centers do not confirm the properties of MCFA as substitutes for ASW. 

Due to the amphoteric nature of the MCFA can easily penetrate cell membranes. In addition, to prevent degradation of cell membranes, stabilize their structure. Lipolytic inhibit bacterial growth. Do not destroy the symbiotic Lactobacillus spp, improve feed conversion, inhibit the growth of pathogenic Enterobacteriaceae. Improve nutrient absorption in the small intestine. In poultry reduces mortality by 39%. Prevents the growth of Salmonella and Campylobacter. 

Typical medium chain fatty acids are present in the product Aromabiotic Belgium (Vitamex NV-Belgium) - in addition to complete mixes in a dose of 0.05-0.3%. The product is registered from January 2004 to January 2009. 

On the market there is also a product manufactured in Indonesia called Vegefat, which also provides energy components in the form of fatty acids: C-16: 0 Palmitic acid (palmitic acid)> 65%, C-18: 0 Stearic acid (stearic acid) ≈ 8 %, C-18: 1 Oleic acid (oleic acid) ≈ 10%. It is a preparation derived from 100% natural palm oil. The recommended dose of up to 10% in complete feed. 

Poznan - 2005 years
Fatty Acids Medium Chain (MCFA)

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