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Zinc - Immune System Amplifier 1-4 Why do you need zinc?

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Zinc - Immune System Amplifier

Search encyclopedia slogan "tip" and you will learn about the importance of zinc and the metal industry. You'll learn how it is used for the manufacture of pipes and plating, which prevents corrosion.You will learn that each year consumes 6.8 million tonnes of zinc.You'll also learn that the world is 338 mine the metal. However, you will not learn that zinc is one of the most important micronutrients for your health.

Why do you need zinc?

Over 200 different enzymes in your body needs zinc to actual work. Together with magnesium is therefore at the forefront micronutrients that support the largest number of enzymes in the body.

The whole body is about 2.2 grams of zinc. It's just a little bit less than iron. Zinc and iron really stand on the border between micro - and macro, as their number in the body is quite large as the trace elements and a bit small in comparison with those macronutrients such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Żalaza formally is in the body a little more than zinc, but it just because 70% of iron in hemoglobin in the blood krążęcej. If you count only the number of intracellular, it is the zinc is leader among the micronutrients.

First of all zinc needs your immune system. If you have a cold, will help you quickly stand up. Zinc causes that wound healing is faster, and makes the skin healthy. Zinc supplementation in the perioperative period significantly reduces the hospitalization time, reportedly sometimes even twice. The problem is the more serious that the perioperative zinc quite rapidly leaches out of the body.

Zinc is needed in general to any cell divisions.

Helps maintain good eyesight and can even improve your memory.Not should be surprised that today, many nutritionists recommend its patients that received zinc.

Here's an example: Zinc is needed for the production of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down alcohol. If you have zinc deficiency, the body can not metabolize alcohol and less the dose mean that you're drunk. You will also need zinc for the production of many hormones, including those that tell the immune system what to do when you attack bacteria and viruses. Zinc is essential for the production of hormones that control your growth, and for the production of testosterone, an important male hormone. In each of your mobile there is a large amount of zinc, but the largest quantities are stored in the skin, hair, nails and eyes, as well as in the prostate gland.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc

For adults, the dose of the recommended daily intake of zinc is about 15 mg. Check the chart below, if you need zinc.

The recommended daily intake (RDAI) zinc

Age / Gender Zinc (mg) Babies 0 - 12m.ż. - 5 mg

Children 1 - 10r.ż. - 10 mg

Adults Men 11 + 15 mg Women 11 + 12 mg Pregnant women 15 mg Breast-feeding women 19 mg

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Zinc - Immune System Amplifier 1-4 Why do you need zinc?