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Zinc - Healthy skin, hair and nails 4/4


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Zinc 4/4 - Healthy skin, hair and nails

Zinc is very important to our skin. Its scarcity, you can not find other reasons, may be the reason for minor skin rashes and irritations. Often disappear when patients use a diet containing large quantities, or take supplements of zinc. Zinc is sometimes also helps people suffering from psoriasis. Zinc deficiency sometimes causes the formation of white spots on nails or make your nails break easily. Adding this element to the diet can improve their condition. Zinc can be found in some dandruff shampoos, to prevent peeling of the skin. It is possible that when you are using one of these shampoos, you absorb a certain amount of zinc to the body through the scalp, but it's not too much to count. Consumption of products containing large amounts of zinc or its supplements and does not eliminate dandruff.

Zinc and wound healing

Zinc is essential in order to heal the wounds. In many studies showed that patients after surgery faster return to health, they receive a sufficient amount of zinc. This effect is even more apparent when they were found in preoperative low concentration of zinc. This effect was not observed in patients zinc concentrations were normal. If you are waiting for an operation, Talk to your doctor about taking supplements of zinc by several weeks before and after surgery. It can speed up the return process to health.

Other diseases in which zinc may help. Here are some of them:


* Diabetes. In some diabetics, the concentration of zinc may be too low because they just do not absorb the element and quickly excrete. May be helpful in zinc supplements. Zinc may also help two other health problems that we encounter in diabetics: the slow healing of wounds and frequent infections.

* Degeneration of the macula. In older persons is a serious disease eye is a common cause of vision loss. In your eyes are large amounts of zinc, is characterized by particularly high levels retina, a part of the eyeball, which undergoes degeneration. Supplements Zinc may help prevent vision loss or slow the progression of degeneration macula.

* Memory. Do you remember where you put the keys in the car? Be may not consume enough zinc? People who adopt zinc at a dose equivalent to that prescribed a daily intake, better fall on memory tests than those that supply lower dose of this element. Can zinc help in Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis joints, lack of appetite and liver diseases? Is prevents occurrence of cancer? Perhaps not, but do not know for sure - the information on this topic are inconclusive.

Make sure you remember!

* You need zinc to produce over 200 different enzymes and many hormones, including testosterone.

* Recommended Daily Intake (DRA) of zinc for adults is 15 mg for men and 12 mg for women.

* Oysters contain high levels of zinc. Lean meats, beans, nuts and seeds are also good sources of this element.

* Zinc can reduce the symptoms of colds and strengthen the system immune. Zinc can help reduce male infertility and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

* Zinc is essential to skin, hair and nails healthy, and makes wounds heal faster.

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Zinc - Healthy skin, hair and nails 4/4

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