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In the pharmacy or health food store on the shelves of vitamins you can find a lot of zinc supplements. You need it in a form that can easily assimilate, we recommend primarily zinc gluconate, the second place is zinc acetate.Good sources of zinc are also picolinian or zinc citrate, however, as we say in a moment, they do not operate during a cold. Zinc sulfate can cause stomach upset, so I do not use. Most good multivitamin supplements contain doses of zinc covering the recommended daily allowance (DRA). If you want to accept it more, reach for zinc supplements. They usually have the form of capsules containing 10, 30 or 50mg. Zinc supplements taken in large quantities can inhibit the absorption of calcium, copper and iron. Very It is important to strike a balance between the concentration of zinc and copper.

Take zinc supplements during meals, and avoid stomach disorders. To absorb zinc well, do not take it with meals that contain fiber. Dietary fiber reduces the amount of absorbed zinc. Taking high doses of zinc (over 150 mg / day) for a long time can cause problems with absorption of copper lowers the resistance and lowers HDL cholesterol. High doses of zinc can be toxic. However, it is almost impossible poisoning zinc supplements - before they vomit.

Fighting colds

The studies showed that when the catch a cold, zinc will help you faster return to health. Your immune system needs zinc to the smooth functioning - leukocytes, which fight infection, contain large amounts of this trace element. When you're cold, the supply of zinc to step up the thread body, help faster elimination of viral infection. It appears that zinc reduces the also cold symptoms such as runny nose, cough and hoarseness. Zinc is a means of strengthening the immune system. It seems that It helps the thymus, especially when crossed 40th years of age. Then thymus in a natural way is significantly reduced and no produces hormones that stimulate the body to produce cells blood fighting infections. Acceptance of additional quantities of zinc in daily dosage of from 15 to 30 mg may restore some function thymus. This means that the immune system is better and faster fight infection.

Men's Club Zinc

Do you guys were joking when you said that you need to eat oysters to be fitter sexually? Believe it or not, but they were right. In oysters is the largest zinc, and you need a lot of it to produce testosterone and other male hormones. You will also need zinc for the production of healthy sperm, so a diet rich in zinc can solve the problem of male infertility. In one study, men who the contents of which sperm was low, for six weeks received zinc supplements. Observed in their concentrations increase testosterone and an increase in the number of sperm and the wife almost half of the respondents were pregnant before the end of the experiment. Zinc can be very useful in the treatment of prostate disease, and possibly may also in its prevention. Prostate (Prostate) is a small organ that surrounds the urethra near the bladder neck urinary tract. When you grow older, the prostate gland in a natural way is increasing, and this condition is called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). An enlarged prostate constricts the urethra and causes frequent urination (as well as other ailments). Sometimes these problems are so strong that pharmacological treatment is necessary, and even operation.

In a healthy prostate gland are large quantities of zinc, but in men with benign prostatic zinc concentration is frequently low. Taking zinc supplements may, in some men benign prostatic hypertrophy lead to a decrease in the gland. Then he does not oppress so much on the urethra, and the person easier urinates.

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Zinc 3/4 - Supplements

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