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Zinc 2/4 - Do you have a zinc deficiency?


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Zinc (2/4) + Do you have a zinc deficiency?

The first mention of the fact that zinc is an important nutrient, comes from Egypt, where a hundred years ago, doctors noticed that young boys who are mostly eating unleavened bread, they had low growth and were poorly evolved physically. It turned out that in their diet is very little zinc. When zinc intake was increased, they began to develop normally. In our modern society, zinc deficiency are quite common. The research review showed that many women will only accept half the dose recommended daily allowance (RDA). You may have a zinc deficiency, when ...

* Are you a vegetarian or vegan. Food origin animal, such as fish and meat are the best sources of zinc. In fruit almost absent. Children who do not eat products foodstuffs of animal origin, a high risk a shortage of zinc.

* Your diet is rich in fiber. Dietary fiber, particularly contained in the products with whole grain cereals, binds to the zinc contained in your diet and inhibits its absorption.

* You are pregnant or nursing. Large amounts of zinc convey their child. If you are in your diet is not enough zinc may experience of its deficiencies. Talk to your doctor about taking zinc supplements.

* Crossed the 50th years of age. Ability to absorb zinc from your diet decreases with the aging of the organism.

* Abuse of alcohol. Alcohol abusers usually do not eat properly. Even moderate amounts of alcohol rinse zinc accumulated in the liver and cause its excretion.

Zinc deficiency is characterized by many symptoms: slow down growth in children, slower wound healing, frequent infections, skin irritation, hair loss and loss of taste. But you do not have worry that you have zinc deficiency. Any person who are eating properly, using a varied diet, replaced by large levels of zinc.

The best sources of zinc are oysters. In one raw oyster is 12 mg of zinc. Other foods that are good sources of zinc include: meat, poultry and offal. Absorb about 10 percent zinc contained in foods of animal origin, and plant products retain, even smaller quantities. Much Zinc can be found in beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains cereals, but your body can not absorb it well, because These products contain large amounts of fiber. Phytic acid, is located in błonniku, combined with zinc and inhibits its absorption. In fruit is very little zinc. The following table lists the products foods that are good sources of zinc.

Foods containing large amounts of zinc

A food product serving size Zinc (mg)

Wheat Bread 1 slice whole-grain 0.4
Small white beans 1 cup 2.5
Black beans 1 cup 1.9
Red kidney beans 1 cup 1.9
Bean semilunar,
Lima 1 cup 1.8
Chick peas 1 cup 2.5
Peas, heat rash 1/2 cup 0.9
Turkey 85 g 1.7
Egg 1 large 0.5
Yogurt 0.28l 2.0
Wheat germ 1/4 cup 3.6
Chicken without skin, 85g 2.10
Peanut butter 2 tablespoons 0.9
Roasted almonds 28g 1.4
Milk 1% 0.28 l 1.0
Roasted cashews 28g1.6
Walnut 28g 0.8
Peanut 28g 0.9
Raw Oysters 6 medium-sized 76.4
Smoked Oysters 85g 103.0
Canned oysters 85g 77.3
Pecan 28g 1.6
Flatfish 85g 0.5
Oatmeal - 1 cup 1.1
Cheddar cheese 28g 0.9
Swiss cheese 28g 1.1
Sunflower seeds 28g 1.4
Lentils, 1 cup 2.5
Beef liver 85g 5.2
Minced beef 85g 4.6

tbc ...

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Zinc 2/4 - Do you have a zinc deficiency?

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