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Why do I take cold shower? 3/4 Causes of acidification


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Why do I take cold shower? 3/4 Causes of acidification

Go back to the topic główngo article, namely the pH of the cell. Since all of these four ions (Na +, K +, Ca + +, Mg + +) are generally the nature of alkaline, the proper amount in the diet is very important to preserve pH and blood cells. Therefore, in selecting food products BTW in addition to the diet should be guided by the content of these four components. Radical Diet by Dr. Kwasniewski's Optimal risk shortages of these components, since a large number of them is contained in products rich in carbohydrates (vegetables and fruit, chocolate). If somebody threw too radically from the diet of fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates eats a large extent in a purified form of flour, it is on the line towards deterioration after several years of use diet.

Acidification of the cell, however, may have causes other than Deficiencies of alkali.

Two reasons are related to diet:

1. Excess carbohydrates and protein in the diet. Acidification is here transitional in nature and is associated with the presence of acid in the cell intermediate metabolites of the combustion of these fuels. If we eat too much at relative to the instantaneous possibilities of incineration, is the average number of compounds in the cell increases and the cell is acidified. This type of acidification dominates in high-speed type, in which the first stage of combustion occurs too easily. It's especially great, they begin to feel the transition to an optimal diet, simply because odkwaszają.

2. Too much fat in the diet in relation to the instantaneous the possibility of combustion of the fuel, too little protein and carbohydrates. Acidification of the cell is no relationship with ketones occurring as a result of incomplete combustion of fats. Favors this lack of carbohydrates that are needed for efficient combustion fats. Ketones in themselves are not dangerous. However, if their number remained high for several months, it might cause dysregulation of acid-base balance. This type of acidification occurs in most types of content that need relatively more carbohydrates, as a primer on fat burning.

Another reason - insufficient breath

This topic touched upon in the preceding article. 95% resulting in during the combustion of any fuel carbon dioxide (CO2) is combined with water and produces HCO3-ion. Within a day, is created in our body about 0.5kg of CO2. He is constantly eliminated from the body through the lungs. Rotation of CO2 in the body is so great that a day is mentioned totally approximately 20 to 30-fold. Just for 5 minutes to breathe and the whole body is rapidly acidified. If your breathing is little bit weak in relation to the needs of the body is excretion acidic carbon dioxide is insufficient. The organism can afford to to some extent to handle this increasing acidification of the urine. Then change the proportions of retained and excreted Na +, K +, Mg + +, Ca + +. However, it is always a secondary reaction to appearing slightly acidic blood.

tbc ...

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Why do I take cold shower? 3/4 Causes of acidification

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