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Why do I take cold shower? 2/4 Matabolic types


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Why are washed in cold water? 2/4 Metabolic Types

From the viewpoint of acid-base balance are the four most important cations: Na +, K +, Ca + + and Mg + + and HCO3-anion. The first four include the major macronutrients in the body. They determine directly about pH of fluid intra-and extracellular. Bicarbonate ion is mentioned because of its rotation in the body in relation to breathing is very fast. Change the speed and depth

Breathing is the most direct route to the instantaneous change in pH extracellular environment. Measuring the content of all these components outside the cell, eg in the blood is very simple.

Come into view inside the cell, however, is much more difficult. Amounts and proportions between these elements are subject to varying regulations, including change under the influence of thyroid hormones and adrenal stress. One method that allows us to estimate the average proportions of these elements in the cell in the long term, ie define the so-called. metabolic type of elemental analysis of hair.

Generally a direct impact ion content in our food what is happening inside the cell, is rather small. On Guard stand all the mechanisms that regulate the levels of macronutrients and blood cells, which in different people can work a little differently. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in the supply or proportion of these ions in the diet will be in the long term reflect on their content in the cell. This may make the term in hair type of metabolic study, after a few months a little change. At the same time it can change for the benefit or detriment. Many people feels after several years of deterioration of some dietary being. I think that in many cases it is related to inappropriate in relation to a metabolic ratio / amount these four elements in their diet.

Dr Chris Krupka from Lodz suggests dividing the 8 core metabolic types: high-speed A, B, C, D and the free A, B, C, D. Breakdown slow and fast type tells us about a certain speed energy production and, more specifically about the speed of the first stage of combustion sugar. The fact that someone is a type of fast and slow apparent optimal for him BTW ratio (protein-fat-carbohydrate). Breakdown by type of AD activity reflects the attendant thyroid and adrenal. In various types should be increased proportion of the other two of the four ions in relation to two others. This is depicted in Table 2 Recommendations for the proportion of BTW, and richer in nutrients should be relevant ions treated in terms of long-term. We have a chance to feel the improvement in the next few months and not a few days.

It should be cautioned against too radical approach wyeliminowywaniem to the problem and the diet of these ions, which should be less. It is a simple way to develop a deficiency. Particular attention must be demonstrated in relation to calcium ions, which economy in the body is very complex and highly nonlinear. This makes the time you get recommendations complement those ions, although the elemental analysis of hair comes out, it is them too much.

more normal type of metabolic
A fast Ca, Mg, Na, K
Fast B Na, K Ca, Mg
fast C Na, Ca K, Mg
Fast D K, Mg Na, Ca
A free Na, K Ca, Mg
Free B Ca, Mg, Na, K
Free C Na, Ca K, Mg
Free D K, Mg Na, Ca

tbc ...

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Why do I take cold shower? 2/4 Matabolic types

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