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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (3 / 3) Snoring

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (3/3) Snoring

If the respiratory center works slightly too low, kidneys must at all times to work on restoring the proper
pH. To offset the resulting slight increase urinary acidification HCO3-ions, ammonium ions stop NH4 +, but can also
stop the other alkaline ions Mg2 +, Ca2 + and increase the excretion of other anions, eg (HPO4) 2 -, Cl-. However, dominates the excretion of excess ions HCO3-.

With the weakening of the breath we have, among others. dealing with people chrapiących, especially when there are breath longer periods of apnea. The mechanism of the emergence of a sort of cycle of sleep a night is follows:

(1) apnea is triggered by a reduced sensitivity to the resort
tract (or anatomically collapsing epiglottis in the larynx);

(2) as a result of lack of breath comes to the accumulation of CO2 and
stimulate the respiratory center, which activates increased respiration;

(3) after removal of the excess CO2, when the number returns to normal
breath back stops, until the re-accumulation

Slight weakening of the intensity of breath may also take place when
eg, long sitting in one position with a strong bent spine
lumbar, so that the distance between the pelvis and ribs strongly
decreases. Belly then compress the diaphragm and is not able to
adequately draw air into the lungs despite the stimulation of the
brain. With shallow breathing, there is also collapse
fraction of bubbles. Gas exchange is not then one hundred percent because
blood flows over the collapsed bubble does not reflect the CO2 into the air.
It is therefore important during seated work to get up once in a while and
make a few deep breaths.

What happens however, if the respiratory center
works a little too hard and spent too much CO2? Body
slightly alkalized and kidneys must once again adjust the pH, so that the second
page. There are several mechanisms, they are similar as above, only
reversed. One mechanism is the expulsion of an excess of rules by
removal of alkali, which include Na +, K +, Ca2 + and Mg2 +.
The first three are precisely regulated in the kidneys independent
regulatory mechanisms, since their number may be only slightly
fluctuate in the body. Only the magnesium ion is not as demanding in
in this respect. Therefore, it seems probable to me that out of these 4
ion is the ion Mg 2 + is eliminated in the first instance to
abnormal pH level.

United hyperventilation can be observed most frequently in people with
vegetative neurosis. Stimulation of the respiratory center by adrenaline
is a typical adaptation of the body to fight or situation
escape, where the question of good oxygenation during a brief yet
intense exercise can mean the survival or death in the jaws
lion. Neurasthenia is a typical situation in which we are dealing with
standing to raise the level of circulating adrenaline, or the
inappropriately frequent or severe reproach her, even in situations
little stress. As a rule, is not accompanied by physical exercise,
which is the natural counterweight to the emerging hyperventilation.

When a person with a neurosis, for example through the night breathing a little
too much, can occur with her to the ion imbalance and pH.
For a long time it is observed that some of these people''among the lost
magnesium.'' I suppose the elimination of this element in order to
filling small changes in pH caused by hyperventilation may
be one of the most important mechanisms to escape from the body in these
people. That is why we are often recommended for people with neurasthenia
Preventive magnesium supplement.

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (3 / 3) Snoring

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