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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (2 / 3) of the respiratory center in the brain

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (2 / 3) of the respiratory center in the brain

Under normal conditions, respiratory rate is regulated by respiratory center in the brain. The increase in CO2 concentration increases the activity and stimulates the breathing center, a drop of CO2 decreases its activity. As Harper gives the year 1983:''... ventilation to reduce to 1/4 produces the correct rate of increase in CO2 and decreasing pH of 7.4 (standard)
to 7.0 (extreme acidosis). On the other hand, increasing the speed Double ventilation, CO2 partial pressure decreases, which leads to raise the pH to about 7.6. (Strong alkalosis). Because pulmonary ventilation can be reduced almost to zero or increase of about 15x, it's easy understand the extent to which changes in ventilation can affect the pH of the fluid

I've always wondered why the activity of the respiratory center in
brain is governed by the concentration of CO2 in the blood, and not the concentration of O2 - and
may seem. The above considerations make clear that
CO2 is very strongly associated with acid-base balance
and ionic body. If the oxygen level drops, the body can make a
to adopt a facilitating disconnection of oxygen from hemoglobin in tissues.
If increasing the amount of CO2, acid-base balance and ion in a very
short period of time begins to disperse''.''

What happens when the work of the respiratory center is not valid
that is, when you breathe a little bit too fast or too slow?

If breathing is too slow, the amount of CO2 (and therefore the H + and HCO3-)
increasing slightly, the body is slightly acidic. We then slightly
heavily, sleepily, we are tired. Similar situation occurs when
we live longer in a closed room with many people.
It leads to an increase in CO2 in the air and the corresponding
growth of this compound in the blood. People who breathe a little too
little, always feel as if they were in a stuffy room, and
out into the fresh air does not help them.

To restore the proper pH into action kidneys. They
the ability to expel excess H + ions, or stopping them
if they are missing in the body. Efficiency of this system is, however,
substantially less than lung function in the excretion of CO2. The task function
removal is mainly produced in the body of small
amounts of acids other than carbonic acid, pH and current balancing
intensity associated with abnormal lung ventilation.

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW about breathing? (2 / 3) of the respiratory center in the brain

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