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WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW about breathing? (1/3) Breath and acid-base balance

Medical Center, Dr. Michalak
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WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW about breathing? (1/3) Breath and acid-base balance

Today I would like to introduce you some information about
respiratory work, which largely affect the stability
acid-base and whose influence is slightly underestimated when it comes
a role in the formation of some latent problems in the body.

Proper breathing in traditional Chinese medicine plays an important
large role. Correct, respectively, deep and quiet breathing
an important factor conducive to regulate the vegetative system. We
all philosophies of the Far East is proper breathing is
one of the factors that help to restore the balance
Yin-Yang of the body. It is very important, however, also influence the correct
work on the metabolism of the human lung, in particular its
acid-base balance and ionic.

The starting point for reflection on this topic was the question: How much acid
and rules created in the body? As their number is regulated? As
affect the concentration of Na +, K +, Ca + +, Mg + + and others? All
Quantitative considerations had taken, clearly always returned
to a single chemical compound, which in chemistry is considered to be weak
acid, but for our body, the acidity must be
kept in a very narrow, slightly alkaline borders, without exaggeration
You can say that this is a strong acid. It is a carbonic acid -
H2CO3, formed in the body of carbon dioxide (CO2), which
huge quantities in every minute and up to date are removed from the

It is known that during the combustion intake of CO2 is formed.
Consider the situation of a very simplified - 200g of fat burning, so
more or less the fuel is burned throughout the day. Even considering
giving the least fuel CO2, it is formed in the body
approximately 460g per day. The resulting CO2 combines with water to give acid
Carbonic H2CO3. Ok. 95% of the carbonic acid dissociates to the anion HCO3-and
hydrogen ion H +, whose concentration determines the pH of the blood and tissues.
Number of HCO3-in blood fluctuates around 1.0-1.1g / l, while CO2
around 0.05-0.06g / l. In the rough estimate of the amount of CO2 is so
negligible quantity compared to the amount of HCO3-. Converting to grams,
the total amount of carbon dioxide, whether in the form of CO2, whether in the form
HCO3 ° is therefore approximately 1.0-1.1g/litr. Assuming the blood volume and
extracellular fluid equal to 13 liters - it gives the total number across the
blood of about 13-14g. Inside the cells, the amount of CO2 and HCO3-is approximately
2.5x lower, but the fluid that is 2x more. This gives ok.11-12g
CO2. In total, throughout the body so it is about 25g of CO2, the most
(95%) in the form of acid that is dissociated. This quantity is listed in the
approximately 20-fold during the day. No acid or other relationship
alkaline present in the body in large quantities is not
replacement as soon as carbon dioxide is!

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
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WHAT SHOULD WE KNOW about breathing? (1/3) Breath and acid-base balance

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