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Magnesium 1/4 Why do I need?


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Magnesium 1/4

If sometimes you feel the nuts or chocolate, eat it! Contain large amounts of magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the muscles, and it makes the heart less tired, and blood pressure is lower. Today, many doctors agree, however, that magnesium is important for some patients. It is supporting the therapeutic agent for humans suffering from migraine and diabetes, and consumption of adequate amounts of magnesium helps to better control these diseases. One of the most important missions is the cooperation of magnesium to calcium, which helps maintain lifelong strong bones.(Part of bone mineral in calcium phosphate 90% and 10% phosphate magnesium)

Why do I need magnesium?

Every cell in your body needs to produce magnesium energy. Magnesium is necessary for the production of more than 300 different enzymes, to send information along the nerve and to ensure that the muscles rozkurczały. You need him in order to bones and teeth were strong, and also to ensure that the heart is shrinking, and blood pressure were correct values. It seems that magnesium helps in some diseases such as diabetes and asthma, and can be very valuable in treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Magnesium is also a need to ensure that the correct use of other vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamin C and calcium work better when the body is a lot of magnesium. In your body There are about 25 grams of the mineral. Most of the bones and teeth, but it is also in the muscles and in the blood. Amount of magnesium in the cells is of great importance for maintain normal body functions. Just as you need calcium for muscle contractions-for example, to the heart muscle contraction - Magnesium need to ensure that it rozkurczał. If you have deficiencies of calcium or magnesium, the body will be borrowed from the bones and moved into the blood - which can lead to weakness.

In order to understand the metabolism of magnesium in the body, it is important Note that its concentration in cells is 20 times higher than in blood. This makes a small amount of magnesium deficiency in the blood can mean a shortage of large amounts in the cells. Personally patients with the level of magnesium in the blood near the bottom of the standard treat as suspected of being important, although it may not yet manifested Clinically, deficiency in cells. This also means that the complement magnesium (for the start of supplementation) at its deficit cells must take some time. I do not have full data on this subject, I estimate this time, however, for 2-4 weeks.

Standard Reference Intake (DRI) MAGNESIUM:

In 1989, slightly lowered the dose of ADH (RDA) magnesium, especially for children and pregnant women. In support given that most people receive smaller amounts of magnesium than doses are reduced, and yet are sufficiently healthy. In 1997, recommended daily intake of magnesium was increased slightly when introduced a new standard reference intake (DRI). Below shows the new recommended dose. Although the new reference standard Intake (DRI) are higher than the old recommended daily dose (RDA), many researchers still believe that they are lower than the dose optimal. Many nutritionists and doctors recommend that adults took 500 mg of magnesium per day. This amount may contribute to maintain proper blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Standard Reference Intake (DRI), magnesium (daily)


0-6 months old - 30mg

7-12 months of age - 75mg

Children and adolescents:

1-3 years of age - 8Omg

4-8 years of age - 130mg

9-13 years of age - 240mg

14-18 years of age - 410mg (boys)

14-18 years of age - 360mg (girls)


Men age of 19-30 - 400mg

Men 31 + - 420mg

Females 19-30 years of age - 310mg

Women 31 + - 320mg

Pregnant women:

<18r.ż. - 400mg

19-30 years of age - 350mg

31-50 years of age - 360mg

tbc ...

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Magnesium 1/4 Why do I need?

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