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Blood Lipid Fractions 2/3 VLDL


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*** *** Blood Lipid Fractions Part 2/3: VLDL

These particles are produced by the liver. They are very similar to the chylomicrons produced in the gut. They carry triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver to other tissues. The basic protein of this particle is very similar to proteins in chylomikronach, but it is sufficiently different to be recognized by cell transplantation as another part of it. Triglycerides, which are carried by VLDL, there come from fat eaten, but eaten mainly proteins and carbohydrates, which the liver converts the triglycerides. Loaded There is also a bit of cholesterol and phospholipids, which are to be transferred to the tissues. At this point in many people reading this probably shook the heart, that if this case is not the cholesterol that is then found in atherosclerotic plaques? Easy. Immediately explain they do not. Our cells need a lot of cholesterol and its small quantity must be delivered there. Indeed, after which the cells had to be each time to produce it from scratch (with sugar), since in the body are its stocks. The synthesis of cholesterol requires a lot of energy, so the body It saves and manages it with great caution. Slow excretion organism (stool), as well as the deposition of it on reserve in the walls arteries was the witness. Let us return to VLDL. After the transfer or triglycerides for fuel tissues, VLDL becomes briefly in the IDL and then LDL.


Thus, LDL is a particle, which was formed from VLDL. It is about 2-3x smaller than VLDL, which was, as has already been deprived of fuel load, or triglycerides. Contains an approximately 20% protein, 50% cholesterol, 20% phospholipids, 10% triglycerides. It contains you so much cholesterol, because its quantity is not decreased yet. The average lifetime of the particles in the blood is about 2 days. In about 70% These particles are removed by the liver, and approximately 30% of the other tissues and organs. This division is somewhat variable, depending on body's needs.

Anyone inquiring certainly ask at this point. And if case of these 30% is not absorbed by the walls of the arteries?

Well, even if slightly so, let us note that the amount resulting hepatic VLDL, LDL and therefore, depends primarily on the amount of consumed protein and carbohydrates, which the liver converts the triglycerides and cholesterol. On a low carb diet number emerging VLDL and LDL is therefore the lowest possible. Current levels this fraction is completely at (and in any case very little) to 'Flow' of VLDL and LDL from blood. If little is formed, it is not enough is removed. Special mechanisms for the collection of LDL to Liver maintain appropriate levels of LDL in the blood to all tissues may get as much LDL (and it contains cholesterol and phospholipids) as they need. Mechanisms that regulate every human being work slightly differently, so everyone has different levels of LDL in plasma. However, the amount consumed by tissue particles is small. For completeness, I will say just yet that cholesterol in the walls artery arises mainly on the spot in an artery, under the influence of sugar insulin.

We note at this point one more thing. Only cholesterol from VLDL cholesterol (LDL) may be taken up by peripheral tissues.Remnants chylomicrons are entirely absorbed by the liver. This means that cholesterol from the diet, which picked up a small amount is chylomicrons, there is no possibility of a direct hit to the tissues. It must first pass through the liver.

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Blood Lipid Fractions 2/3 VLDL

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