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E - Vitamin youth 1/4 - How Vitamin E Works?


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E - Vitamin youth 1/4

"In the U.S., hundreds of thousands of people die every year from heart disease and cancer. I think the evidence favorable to reduce the suffering, the effect of vitamin E are indisputable. In addition, vitamin E is an inexpensive ..." - Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, Uniwerytet Tufst  Vitamin E is an ideal defender against aging - perfectly suited to fight free radicals. When I examined the content of vitamin E in the three daily meals, cafeteria workers at the National Institute of Health in the U.S., it turned out. That overall, it was just 13.4 IUTheoretically, is enough, because the standards provide a minimum amount of daily intake of approximately 10 mg of vitamin E. However, as indicated by the results of numerous studies the optimal dose of the vitamin is around 100-400mg, and for some diseases even more.

A menu of modern man does not guarantee adequate vitamin E, even if the rational nutrition.Additional consumption of wheat germ is also often not enough.We must then turn to the capsule of vitamin E - the best this natural

1.Historia discovery of vitamin E

The history of vitamin E should begin with a discovery by Dr. Herbert M. Evans and his associates, who in the twenties found in wheat germ oil with an unknown substance that is necessary to normal reproduction of rats. 10 years later was named tocopherol. The name of this helped create a professor of Greek at the University of Berkeley from the word tokos (birth, offspring) and phero (to wear, bear), otherwise explaining "the one who gives strength to bear and brings offspring. "

2. How vitamin E works?

Vitamin E prevents the formation of destructive peroxides arising as a result of oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, which are abundant in cell membranes. Is vitamin fat-soluble, so working within the lipid membrane cell in the body which is approximately 10-15kg. One of the molecules may protect against oxidation of unsaturated molecules up to 200 fatty acid in your body! Therefore, it is often used as a natural preservative E 306, as it prevents rancidity - oxidation unsaturated fatty acids in the diet.

Vitamin E, lipid peroxide removing itself is oxidised. To be back to active must be reduced. One of the factors which are able to do so is vitamin C.

Effects posed by a lack of vitamin E are:

1. accelerated aging consisting primarily * Weakening of the immune system that cause disease autoimmune disorders (allergies, rheumatism and arthritis, disease caused by damage to cellular DNA (ie degenerative) and the emergence of mutations that cause cancer development.

* The development of heart disease and atherosclerosis (thrombosis, swelling, and the state vein inflammation, cardiovascular disorders, intermittent claudication;

* Infertility in men and women and abortion, degeneration gonads (testicles and prostate gland), pituitary dystrophy

* The aging of the skin, senile lesions, necrosis, impaired healing wounds, skin infections, burns;

* Faster aging of internal organs and the whole organism.

In general, vitamin E plays an important role in the fight against the most common causes of death in Western societies, which are heart disease and hypertension, cancer (prevention), diabetes and and injuries including severe burns. And it adds vitality, vitality, energy and desire for life, joy ... Americans believe that SEX-added appeal, and of course, is part of the diet of movie stars!

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E - Vitamin youth 1/4 - How Vitamin E Works?

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