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Detoxification in chronic diseases 4/5 Lymphatic Drainage


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Detoxification in chronic diseases 4/5

Lymphatic Drainage

Methods discussed so far have focused primarily on the removal of toxins from the body. Once we ensured that the toxins were removed efficiently enough, we think of the boost operation from mesenchyme into the blood. In practice, often turn on parallel methods for removing toxins and brain, by manipulating only the intensity of both processes. We strive to make, they do not run into too massive toxins in relation to their removal from the body.

In the process of lymphatic drainage can be further divided into two phases. The first is the launch of toxins from the hidden recesses of the interior of mesenchyme and mesenchymal cells to the right and the second phase - removing them from the mesenchyme responsible for the blood and lymph. It should be noted that the pain in the organ, including cancer pain, is associated primarily with the stagnation of toxins and acids in the proper mezenchymie. Toxins buried in the recesses do not cause pain. Of course, these recesses capacity is limited. Nevertheless, if executed from the recesses of toxins, or cell, the pain is likely to notice at first, because more toxins will affect the pain receptors. In my practice I often observe this type of reaction in patients with doing banking acupuncture treatments in conjunction with back pain. I know that if you have to get to the second surgery, they first have to be careful not to discourage you. This is particularly true of people with multi ailments and high concentration of toxins.

Lymphatic drainage can be carried out by various methods. Let us discuss them briefly in turn.

Drinking water

First, we need to drink water, so that in the vascular bed it was always a small excess, which could penetrate into the mesenchyme.Given that the excess water is rapidly cleared by the kidneys, it is important that the water was not necessarily drunk in large quantities, but often. The effect is strongest irrigation for 1-2 hours after drinking the water, just as importantly, however, whether this was a cup, or maybe three at once. Therefore recommend drinking 1 / 2 to 1 cup every 1-2 hours, avoiding long pauses. In five of the amount of water is good to drink water a bit heated, because drinking cold water can already significantly wychładzać body.Drinking water is also an important element in addition to any other methods for the mobilization and excretion of toxins (eg, patches, massages), since the first increases the effectiveness of treatment and, secondly, reduce the possible negative effects of toxic substances.

Bubbles and Massage

The method of supporting sucking blood into tissue massage is a bank. It applies particularly in relation to the back. Massage must be carried out by moving it a large bubble on the back when lightly moistened or greased skin to allow for slippage. The vacuum sucks the skin inside a bubble inside a bubble, and thus the blood to the blood vessels and mesenchyme. Repeatedly sucking and releasing made anywhere in the back runs the accumulated toxins. An additional, and perhaps the main effect of this massage is related to the fact that the back is a lot of acupuncture points related to virtually every organ in the body. Stimulation of these points through massage activates the autonomic system of almost the entire body.It should be noted that academic medicine is against the use of any such bodźcowych methods in cancer patients based on the assumption that they can serve more than a tumor patient.Personally, so far in cancer do not use this method in practice.Negative attitudes of academic medicine may in some measure due to the fact that under the influence of this method may lead to significant deterioration of the patient as a result of the mobilization of toxins from the corners without the simultaneous removal of the blood and lymph. Academic Physician, watching the deterioration of the patient's notes that this method is inadequate. It should be noted, however, that the use of drainage alone without other methods of supporting therapy can actually help to accelerate the course of the disease, because side effects detoxification effect is also achieved better tumor cell to provide nutrients. The method can be applied with caution so possibly only in conjunction with all other elements of supportive therapy, in particular the deacidification, immunostimulation and diet that restricts the fuel (sugar) and / or building material (protein).

The same thing has happened with manual massage healing. It is a method very similar in nature to massage the bank. All of the above considerations are in a similar extent in both treatment methods.

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Detoxification in chronic diseases 4/5 Lymphatic Drainage

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