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Detoxification in chronic diseases 3/5 Castor oil packs on liver


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Detoxification in chronic diseases 3/5

Castor oil packs on liver

Castor oil is known as a laxative. Apart from this Action is also a strong stimulus properties of the liver to production of bile and aiding in the detoxification process. A pioneer and advocate of this method was in the early twentieth century, Edward Caycy. Dr. Gerson also used a small amount of oil in lewatywach and dosustnie as helping with the coffee enemas. In the case of compresses the liver, there are three mechanisms of action. First - simply heat activation improves blood flow by dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts and increased cell metabolism. Second - quantum information. Frequencies electromagnetic oscillations of castor oil may affect stimulate the liver and induce similar responses as the oil consumed orally. The third - the effects on receptors of the skin over the liver, which are related to the autonomic nerve fibers unerwiającymi liver. The skin area to which the wrap is applied, there are several points acupuncture-related liver and biliary routes.

Slices of detoxification and camera Revital

Removing toxins from the body without the liver can carry out not only through the rectum but also through the skin. We Here are two possibilities. The first is a detoxication Chinese slices. It is a product based on natural ingredients and traditional medicine People. Slices containing powdered medicinal substances sticks to the feet for 12-24 hours. They induce processes excretion of toxic substances by the sebaceous gland and sweat. It also seems to induce the process of running these toxins mesenchyme and / or cell membranes into the blood. After several hours of patch soaks brown goo, which in extreme cases up pour out of the patch clamp. Application of the apparent rate mainly from the ceiling rate that the skin is quite delicate in total, on the foot end also meridians of liver, gallbladder, kidney and bladder associated with the process of detoxification.Exact mechanism of action of these patches is not known. Given that there is no direct contact with the patient, the most likely is the effect of quantum information. It seems that the main component interacting in these slices is powdered tourmaline. It is mineral, which has a very interesting optical properties (it is dwójłomny) and Electric - produces an electric potential at the ends as a result of compression and under the influence of temperature differences. It is therefore possible that applied to the body - the "pumps" electrons is streamlining its tissue metabolism. On the website points to a specific properties in the infrared spectrum of the mineral.

It should be noted that cancer is not mentioned among indications for their use. If you use this method in tumors would recommend caution in the first few slices: setting them on the day and not at night and observe the patient's condition. It is not possible that the patches will put toxins from the mesenchyme, they Remove the skin and liver will not be sufficient and may lead to deterioration of the patient's central nervous system poisoning due to central nervous system (other organs?). In this case, quickly odlepić slice and perform an enema with coffee (or some appropriate enemas every 2-4 hours, the stack. Gerson's recommendations).

Revital camera (and possibly other similar) is a device that also pulls out toxins through the foot. The idea of this method is known for many years. The idea is to dip the foot in water with appropriate salt-treated AC. The system is so galvanic constructed that the water came out positive and that was gaining It preferred a negative potential. In addition, the effect is associated with the fact that the current flowing through the body causes vasodilation blood vessels, improving blood flow rates and thus better potential removal of toxins. Under the influence of the treatment water color changes during the course ok 20-30 minutes in the dark. Personally, I do not have experience with this method treatment.

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Detoxification in chronic diseases 3/5 Castor oil packs on liver

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