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Detoxification in chronic diseases 1/5 Mesenchyme Acidification


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Detoxification in chronic diseases 1/5 Mesenchyme Acidification

On the issue of detoxification in chronic diseases need to look detoxification through the prism of the problem in general. The main tissue, which may accumulate toxins and acids, is the mesenchyme.


Mesenchyme, also called the matrix is a space filling all recesses of our body. In it are submerged all of our cells. Its mass is about 10-15 kg. It does not look like it's our biggest 'Organ'. (Formally, this is not the only organ tissue).

Mesenchyme is composed of water containing mineral salts of concentration similar to that in the blood. Additionally contains collagen and glycosaminoglycans and glikproteiny. Collagen gives mezenchymie a strength and elasticity. Glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins but give it a consistency similar to the semi-jelly. Glycosaminoglycans are creations of macromolecular structure frond-like. In the recesses may accumulate different chemical compounds and even for decades. Dr. Alta Smit gives an example of a patient who has over 20 years been taking amphetamine, and where the usual going to the sauna, there are abstynenckie symptoms caused by the release of nooks mesenchyme remaining drugs.

Mesenchyme appears to be so as a giant sponge capable of absorbing various substances that flow through it, and some its corners are so hidden that normally flows by it water washed them.

The normal function of the mesenchyme is to transport substances nutrients and oxygen from the blood into cells and metabolic products (Garbage) from the cells into the blood. It is not difficult to imagine that if mesenchyme is packed with junk, transport processes are difficult. Cells start to suffocate. In the end it comes to their intoxication or impairment of their functions and ultimately to degeneration Death or convert a cell cancerous. From this point of view malignant transformation can be seen as adapting to oxygen deficiency and oxidative stress. (It should be noted that not All cancers develop in this mechanism. Affects developing a cancer in the elderly.)


Another problem is the problem of detoxification ion collection hydrogen, or acid, collagen. Collagen has a high capacity to collect on its surface hydrogen ions. With difficulty but it reflects the situation to reduce their concentration in the immediate Area (increase pH). Lowered pH (acidity) mesenchyme leads to precipitation in the poorly soluble in acidic salt calcium salts of weak organic acids, particularly amino acids. This can be seen as calcifications visible in the various surveys imaging, like ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray. In particular evident calcification by mammography in the mammary gland is the criterion distinctive recognition of breast cancer.

Another example of decreasing solubility in the environment acidic and enormous capacity to accumulate in tissues shows uric acid. Manual Harper's Biochemistry student writes on this topic: "While in the urine acidic pH of 5 may be dissolved only 15mg/ml total urate, in the pH 7 may be dissolved 150-200mg/ml urate. The formation of stones can be reduced by alkalinization of urine. " The above data indicate that the treatment and alkaline urine lavage should be the main forms of therapy of gout.

Put another way - this acidity is an important factor, which moves us to balance the sol-gel mesenchyme toward the gel. This means that mesenchyme deacidified will be much easier to transport any substance, because it is more liquid (sol), and less when a jelly (gel). Given this information, deacidification, which by their nature, I treat it as a separate problem biochemical, must be regarded as an important element in business chronic diseases detoxification.

tbc ...

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Detoxification in chronic diseases 1/5 Mesenchyme Acidification

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