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Detoxification in chronic diseases 5/5 Thermal stimuli, Sauna


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Detoxification in ch. chronic 5/5

Thermal stimuli - Sauna

The effectiveness of rinsing the sponge to a large extent is determined by how often and how hard it clench and release. The same applies to the mesenchyme. The impact of cold can be compared crimping sponge, and the impact of heat for releasing her. Cold activates the sympathetic system, which tightens the blood vessels supplying blood to the tissue, there is also the contraction to push the whole organ and lymph and blood vessels. Activation of heat does the opposite - the vessel shall be extended, blood flows into the tissue is filled with mesenchyme.

Frequent stimulation of the heat by taking alternating hot and cold shower, or a stronger variant of the sauna followed by a cold shower, have long been known methods "Circulation promoters, hartującymi and improving health. In sauna additionally be used to remove the effect of toxins with the sweat through the skin. Patients and sick zatoksykowanych these methods can optionally be used with extreme caution. Refer here the same remarks that have been described previously in the banking massage. Always start from a very weak stimulus and observe the body for 1-2 days after surgery. Using this type of treatment stimuli thermal should also be aware of appropriate duration individual incentives, so that would not overheat or supercooled organism.


On the mechanisms of action closely related to homeopathy quantum resonance in medicine can be written quite independently article. In a nutshell, I write here just that much underestimated role in all therapies play structure crystal water filling our body, and therefore mesenchyme and the electromagnetic spectrum, which are the structure related. Homeopathic medicines are essentially having characteristic of each frequency spectrum. If These frequencies come into resonance with some structures organic, may do if the activation or inhibition of different biochemical processes in the cell, or mezenchymie. As known at this time are only some of the spectrum of homeopathic medicines. In much remains for us so I still rely on experience of the creators of homeopathy: Dr. Hanneman (Classical Homeopathy) and Reckewega (homotoxicology), who described the various effects of homeopathic medicines for different types of people. New possibilities individual selection of homeopathic medicine provides us with Bioresonance, which allows us to check whether the enhanced spectrum resonates with the preparation with the patient or not. Not Contemplating at the same time what exactly are the frequencies, but only observe effect. It should be noted that the resonance means that the effect may be both therapeutic and toxic, as in the case of some compounds requires resolution.

Reckeweg refers to several drugs that are used in processes of detoxification and drainage. Lymphomyosot is a comprehensive drug Action udrażniającym mesenchyme. Galium Heel - supports treatment of cells with toxins. Hepar compositum - supports the liver in detoxification processes. Ubichonon compositum, Coenzyme compositum and Molybdan compositum assist in obtaining energy mitochondria of healthy cells of the patient.

Information presented above is certainly not exhaustive detoxification in cancer. They should be treated as preliminary review of the numerous opportunities support therapy of diseases chronic and more. Personally, I just starting to collect experience in applying many of these methods for different patients. The aim is to find the optimal scheme of giving największką possible chance to be cured, and at the same time affordable for average patient cost. Keep in mind that success in treating many chronic diseases is always the result of the sum of all the individual patient curative methods. Of the lack of even a single cell in chain of different treatment processes can undermine the entire effort.

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Detoxification in chronic diseases 5/5 Thermal stimuli, Sauna

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