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Paradigm 6: Homeopathy


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Paradigm 6: Homeopathy

Today, a few words about homeopathy. It is a method of treatment which the age is older than academic medicine, but not that much much as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Homeopathy counts because 200 years old. Unlike other treatments, however, it has been created by one man - Dr. Samuel Hanneman.

It would seem that treatment with drugs whose concentrations are of the order 1 molecule of the ocean does not fully make sense ...

But are you sure?

The answer to the question - how does homeopathy is, at least known to the general idea. To answer this question, I refer Traditionally the textbooks for medical students, as well as physics textbook for secondary school.

Is well known that the more dilute the homeopathic medicine deeper is its action. Mean that it had that as decrease in the concentration of solute concentration increases healing factor ... And that is the case. Healing factor because it is water, and solute is required only to give it particular form of liquid crystal. The fewer molecules dissolved, the more there may be clusters of water specific liquid crystalline structure, or possessing the resonant frequencies of the rotational energy and / or oscillatory these clusters.

How do you know that water at room temperature has the structure of clusters (Ie, mini-ice pellets) and what are these large clusters?

1. In high school I learned that water has the highest density at 4 o C, and not at zero. At temperatures above 4 degrees of correlation between density and temperature is the more a parable than a straight line, as is the case for most substance. This is proof that in water at temperatures above zero, there must be an ice-like structures that lead to increasing the volume of water as its cooling. is also evidence that these structures grow as the declining temperature. 2. In an elementary textbook for medical students Fri Biochemistry Harper can find the information that the average room temperature number of hydrogen bonds in water is 3.5 (when the ice it amounts to 4). This means that only 1 / 8 (12.5%) hydrogen bonds composed mainly of ice disintegrated when heated to RT. The rest still creates a mini-ice pellets. 3. Using a somewhat simplified model of the crystalline structure of ice enumerated - how big would have to be a cluster of ice, that the number of hydrogen bonds was 3.5. Size, which I went out to 500 + - 200 molecules. 4. Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig - using a calculation based on thermodynamics calculated that the average cluster size should be around 400 molecules.

How do you know what are the crystal structure of ice clusters?

Until that information is sought, which can be found in most textbooks of physics or chemistry, which says that the angle between the hydrogens water molecule is about 105 degrees. What does this mean? Namely, that this angle does not match nohow some jedenj regular crystal structure. And if so, then there must be various crystalline forms - each other - just like every snowflake Snow is different from the others. Mini-admixture of different substances will therefore act as agents triggering the emergence of a specific spatial conformation of water.

Okay. But how do you know that the clusters are so stable that no undergo spontaneous transition from one form to another?

1. In the book "Water and homeopathy" presented by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig information is that the strength of hydrogen bonds linking the water molecules inside a cluster can be enhanced by synchronization of vibration rotational energy about 20-fold, according to the relation k = sqrt (N), where k is a gain, and N - the size of the cluster. Clusters then gain a large enough stability to that in the absence energy supply from the outside do not change their shape. You can to tear by shaking, exposure to UV radiation, X-rays or laser.

In any textbook of homeopathy is written clearly that the manufacture of homeopathic medicine is strong shaking NEEDED sample between each successive 10-year or 100-fold dilution ...

2. Anyone who has encountered the problem of mixing alcohol with water knows that, immediately after mixing, the solution is still a smell smell spirit and not vodka. Yet to be properly spirit powstrząsać or leave for another day to be "chewed", only then loses the odor of alcohol and gets the smell of vodka. This is the easiest tangible proof that the clusters may be stable enough to persist even for many hours spent in the pre- mixing. Only provide external energy to change spatial conformation of clusters.

At the end of yet another natural curiosity associated with homeopathy.

It is known in the homeopathic environments that are often used as an information carrier 30% solution of ethyl alcohol. If someone State is so proficient in chemistry to figure out yourself how many molecules water falls on one molecule of alcohol at this concentration, it is easy calculate that the sixth Exactly how many hydrogen atoms in the molecule alcohol. At this ratio can thus create a much more regular crystal structure. This proportion is likely to allow the existence of a more sustainable spatial conformation of water-alcohol clusters. It is worth noting that the concentration of applied Hanneman more than 200 years ago, when nobody had any idea how many bons is a molecule of alcohol ... Case is whether Hanneman genius?

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
Paradigm 6: Homeopathy

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