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Paradigm 4: The equilibrium of oxidation-Reduction


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 4: The equilibrium of oxidation-Reduction

Oxidation-reduction equilibrium of the body is completely unnoticed the academic aspect of medicine, the health of the body. Meanwhile It is equally important such as acid-base balance or vegetative balance.

You can look at it through two prisms: - The total shifting the redox potential of body fluids; - Antioxidants and removal of free radicals;

1. Redox potential: Redox potential determines the degree of saturation of the tissues and fluids active chemically electrons contained in the various chemical molecules these tissues and fluids. A large number of electrons means that the potential redox tissue is more negative. A small amount - the potential is more positive.

Life is a continuous sequence of different chemical reactions, many of these reactions is the nature of oxidation and reduction. Oxidation state This state of reduced concentration of active electrons, and the state of reduction - increased their number.

Given the ubiquity of oxygen - the natural tendency of spontaneous organism will be a tendency to oxidation, or by pulling oxygen molecules of the active electrons. And these are needed to smooth overlap of different chemical reactions. Maintaining organism can be reduced or preventing the oxidation process is one of the most important aspects of the balance of the body portion of energy produced goes just for this purpose.

2. Removal of free radicals

Based on information from textbooks for students can be easily itself calculated that every day in the human body is formed around half liters of concentrated hydrogen peroxide. This follows from the fact that the oxygen in the atmosphere is diatomic (O2) and we have a water molecule oxygen atom. Joining the hydrogen to oxygen is so in this way that first join the two hydrogens to O2 and H2O2 formed - hydrogen peroxide. Then the enzyme catalase hastily removed the highly corrosive substance turning it into H2O and O2. But before it does so, a small part of the water hydrogen peroxide can cause a bit of clutter - including arise so. free oxygen radicals (eg, O2-, OH), having a very active unpaired electron, which require different enzymes for their disposal and they can do even more mess than hydrogen peroxide.

Removal of free radicals is therefore one of the priorities of metabolism intracellular. This requires: vitamins E, C, A, micronutrients: zinc, iron, selenium, manganese and copper. Most of them is often deficient. Very useful is also a variety of natural substances with an antioxidant that is antywolnorodnikowym contained in a variety of plant foods.

Diseases, whose head is in the nature of the disorder intracellular redox balance, are, for example Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's.

The pioneer of research on redox balance orgnizmu prof. Vincent. However, it is difficult to find his name in the books academic ...

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
Paradigm 4: The equilibrium of oxidation-Reduction

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