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Paradigm 2: The Latent acidosis Mesenchymal


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 2: The Latent acidosis Mesenchymal

The knowledge of doctors on mesenchyme essentially boils down to the fact MADE in the body is. That is a substance through which shall be the exchange of nutrients between the blood and cells.

Meanwhile it is the most important tissue in our body. Most chronic diseases, most of the pathology of intracellular starts malfunctioning mesenchyme. A mechanism is very simple. With a drop in pH (acidification) structure protein is changed in such a way that changes its physical state - the fluid passes into jelly. How can it be interpreted in such conditions remove toxins from the cells and provide nutrients, it is easy guess. Blocking mesenchyme must lead to the development of the pathology, which then is often difficult to reverse. In textbooks for students but it is hard to find any information on this very important element of the development of many diseases chronic, generating enormous social costs. And the way treatment is essentially the simplest variant, very simple - drink water and odkwaszać. The most spectacular example of ignorance of the medical in this regard is the condition called gout. The elementary handbook for students Fri "Harper's Biochemistry" can be found information that the solubility of uric acid strongly decreases drop in pH. So if one little drink, it has very little urine, and it is sour. Produced uric acid can not be expelled and then accumulates in the tissues. Do not recommend drinking water is in the context, in my opinion a serious mistake art medical care.

On acidification of the mesenchyme are also affected: - Impaired intestinal flora - especially fermentation processes leading to the production of lactic acid

- Insufficient breath - Every day we produce about half a kilo carbon dioxide, which is transported in the body as an acid Carbon. If you breathe a little too low (sedentary), cargo acid accumulates in the body, the kidneys do not keep it excrete and acidosis begins to develop ...

- Diet not matched to the metabolic type - here acidification begins within the cell. As a result of impaired balance between oxaloacetate and 'acetyl-coenzyme A' comes to assembly one or the other, and acidification of the cell. The ratio of these two acids depends on the proportion of dietary sugars and fats. Optimal the proportion of fats to sugars and is proving very individual.

- Diet insufficient in odkwaszające ingredients: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium;

- Insufficient acid leaching as a result of drinking too little water;

- Cancer - is known since 1931 (Nobel Prize for Otto Heinrich Warburg) that tumors produce for his Ambient large amounts of lactic acid and acidify the environment around themselves.

tbc ...

MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak

Paradigm 2: The Latent acidosis Mesenchymal

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