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Paradigm 11: Detoxification


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 11: Detoxification

Detoxification is a concept in which everyone can understand something a bit different. It has many faces. The most important of them would closer today.

1. Removal of toxic substances in the liver corresponding FOR IN enzyme systems. Liver, as everyone knows, is the most important organ neutralizing various toxins. It deals in particular those toxins that are soluble in fats, but are poorly soluble in water. By appropriate transformation of molecules It allows them out into the bile, or throw them back to remove blood by the kidneys in urine. You need to know that the fat-soluble toxins may have very long half-life in the body reaching even 3-4 years. This follows from the fact that they can accumulate in cell membranes which the average body has about 10-15 kg. Cell membranes and subject to a very free exchange. It is therefore difficult this toxin there out. Neutralization of fat-soluble toxins, which can not be excreted through the kidneys, so it is an important task liver.

2. Removal of toxic substances by the kidneys in urine. Here is where it is much simpler. Soluble water simply pass into the urine and are not resorbed back into the blood, so they are fairly rapidly eliminated from the body. One exception may be compounds of low solubility in water, which can be precipitated in the case of excessive urinary concentration - such as uric acid.

3. Detoxification at the cellular level that occurs in the (almost) every the cell body. Each cell gets the substances necessary for life from the blood by mesenchyme and removes wastes into the bloodstream through the mesenchyme. Natural This waste substances such as carbon dioxide (in combination with water forming carbonic acid), ammonia, uric acid, sulfuric acid as end-product of combustion of sulfur amino acids. In the cell, however, also created an unnatural toxic substances - End products of fat rancidity, the final products of free radicals on different molecules, the final products non-enzymatic glycosylation of proteins. Finally, the cells can penetrate toxins that get there with blood, it does not remove them mechanisms of liver and kidney.

These toxins, if not neutralized, poison the cell. Lead to DNA damage, disorders of energy production (necessary including detoxification) to disturb the many subtle mechanisms regulators in the cell. This leads on to the broader cell degeneration, and in consequence - to cell death or of developing cancer.

It is therefore logical that the basis for the treatment of all chronic degenerative diseases is to conduct a massive therapy detoxification at different levels. What are these levels?

A. Delivery of biochemical substrates for detoxification, which in ill need to significantly more than in health (as well as during the war to maintain the army is much more expensive than at the time room). The most important substrates for detoxification are: - Glutathione (cysteine, glutamine, selenium) - Coenzyme Q10 - Vitamin E - Vitamin C - Zinc, manganese, iron, copper

Glutathione is probably the most important compound used by all the cells to remove toxins and free radicals. It is trójaminokwas consisting of glycine, glutamine, and cysteine. Active element of this molecule is a cysteine-SH group. While glycine rather in a cell is missing, so much of glutamine and cysteine may be missing and often requires further supplementation. There are supplements glutathione, but it poorly absorbed in the intestine, hence direct supplementation is of limited significance - you have to deliver those substrates for its synthesis. Glutathione is a compound with one hand, removing free radicals. Neutralize free radicals does not destroy the molecules of glutathione - it must only be "regenerated". For the regeneration of glutathione Selenium is needed and energy. However, if glutathione is used up to remove the toxin molecule - it is irretrievably lost to the cells. For the balance of the cell must create a new molecule glutathione with cysteine, glutamine and glycine. You can all of this read a basic textbook for students Fri Biochemistry Harper ... Therefore, to the level of glutathione was always high enough it is listed suplementować 3 ingredients: selenium, cysteine, and glutamine. It is also to ensure that the energy level in the cell was high enough.

Coenzyme Q10 or Ubichinon This compound is a very important chemical compound for the process energy production in the respiratory chain synthesizing ATP - most 'brick' power. It also participates in the removal of toxins and free radicals. It can be synthesized in the cell, but its synthesis decreases with age, its supplementation is therefore particularly important in patients over 60 years of age. It is at this point to say that the natural synthesis of this compound is inhibited by the so-called. statins, which is lowering drugs cholesterol, since its synthesis is a branch from the route of synthesis cholesterol. Theoretically, you should know about each doctor, because This information is the textbook for students of Biochemistry Harper ... Personally, however, did not meet the recommendation at the completion Q10 statin patients of the consumer.

- Vitamin E - is called the vitamin of youth, it inhibits the process rancidity of fats in cell membranes, and the waste products of this rancidity remain in the cell until the end of her life. It supports selenium its detoxification effect.

- Vitamin C - it is also a vitamin that removes free radicals in directly. It also regenerates vitamin E, which, after oxidation by free radicals must be reduced back to active form.

- Zinc, manganese, iron, copper - minerals that they are simply necessary components of enzymes removing free radicals. Very often deficient. It should be noted that an excess of free radicals, that is, their insufficient removal process leads to uncoupling energy production in the cell, as it is the process of acquiring Energy is a major source of free radicals in the cell. A deficiency energy is lower removal of free radicals and toxins.

Vicious circle begins to close ...

B. Another level of detoxification is the use of different preparations stimulate the natural detoxification processes. Here you can include Bile eg herbs, which stimulate the liver to produce bile indirectly stimulate the removal of fat-soluble toxins, which is not always easy to remove.

C. Yet another level of detoxification is the use of drugs homeopathic detoxification have stimulant properties. Although detoxification is the information level in a scientific sense poorly engineered, it can not be underestimated ...

D. Yet another level is the use of detoxification methods immediate removal of toxins through the skin of the feet. This can be achieved by electrotherapy treatments in an appropriate solution with negative ions. You can also use Chinese detoxifying patches on the skin interest (eg Kinotakara and Green Detox) which, after 12-24h soak black goo from the lessons of toxins.

E. Yet another level of detoxification of toxins that run lying in the recesses of mesenchyme. Postponing them mezenchymie is a form of temporary neutralization. They cease to circulate in the and do not poison the body. However be careful with too fast running them from the mesenchyme, such as an intense massage, because the getting to the heart can produce symptoms of poisoning.

Frankly I do not know if it exhausted the problem of detoxification. As see this is about the individual threads of multithreaded and can be only hinted at. In college, not learned almost nothing about this, though a lot of this information is simply a grounded knowledge of biochemistry. Academic medicine to detoxify the problem of patients with chronic diseases hardly sees. It must be honestly add that in certain diseases changes in the cells are no longer enough reversible, it is impossible to withdraw the changes and return to proper functioning of cells. You can only slow the progression of disease.

tbc ...

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Paradigm 11: Detoxification

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