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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine


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Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine
Paradigm 1: 1. Micronutrients and vitamins

Elements such as zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, cobalt, iodine, molybdenum, copper is equally important for the functioning of the human organism, such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur.Unfortunately, knowledge the average doctor about their role in the body is close to zero. Focus is already pretty well figured out scientifically. Deficiencies trace elements relate to the vast majority of Poles.

There are several reasons: - Disruption of intestinal flora leading to gastrointestinal malabsorption: Intestinal flora is a very complex and subtle structure of the underlying proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Much of the vitamin B is produced precisely by her. Determines the actual composition correct pH. Proper pH determines the proper absorption. In wszechpanujących times preservatives in foods is difficult to have normal intestinal flora.

- Genetically modified food: The main threat that I see in this type of diet is an increase amount of energy components in relation to the number of elements trace. When eating this type of food we eat so proportionately less important trace elements.

- Sterilization of soils with these elements in the result of improper fertilization and irrigation: Speaking about the fertilization of thought actually only nitrogen, phosphorus, Potasie, magnesium. Meanwhile, elements such as zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium are equally important for the growth of plants and animals they fed. Improper irrigation has led in many places significant depletion of soil in these important elements.

Key elements of a deficient population leading to the development of many diseases are: zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, iodine. Together with trace elements should be put to this point knowledge on vitamins, which, although it can already be found in textbooks academic, it is also too modest in relation to needs.

Role of trace elements, mostly to be activated in cells of different enzymes. Without them, there are no chemical reactions or proceeding much more slowly.

ZINC is the most important mineral. It supports approximately 300 enzymes from all enzymatic pathways. Determines processes immune cell divisions, DNA repair, rapid healing healing after surgery. In the absence of a shortage of supply in the diet of growing quickly - especially after surgery, accompanied by a rule fasting and increased demand as a result of intensive processes regeneration.

SELENIUM - especially important for the processes of removing free radicals and toxins from the cell.

Manganese - important for the protection of mitochondrial DNA from irreparable damage. Stranded DNA in the mitochondria is in contrast to the strand DNA in cell nuclei, permanently developed. It is therefore constantly exposed to attack of free radicals. Irreversible mitochondrial DNA mutations are one of the essential elements of the aging process. Manganese slows this process.

JOD - this is one of the elements, which is known to be suplementuje niedoborowy and even adding it to him a little salt kitchen. Areas particularly scarce in iodine is such Carpathian region and the Greater. Effect of deficiency include zooming thyroid.

Chrome - chrome is associated with the economy of sugar, overweight and excessive appetite. Many people struggling with obesity or diabetes chrome already tried therapy, often but not always, with good effect.

IRON - is well known that iron deficiency causes anemia. However, much more rarely known that anemia is a symptom LAST iron deficiency. Much of the female population has latent deficiency iron, that is invisible or barely visible in the morphology study blood. The shortage of women are particularly vulnerable abundantly menstruating and having a small nutritional needs.

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MD Piotr Krzysztof Michalak
Erroneous paradigms *** 12 *** Modern Medicine

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