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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 4/4 Treatment without antibiotics

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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 4/4 Treatment without antibiotics

Treatment Lyme disease requires the patient in each variant patience. Antibiotic therapy certainly makes sense in a fresh borreliosis. Given the prevalence of spirochete in the tick population in If a tick bite to consider is the use of 10-14 days after the bite of an antibiotic directly, without waiting or rash appears, or antibody.

Also during the first 3-6 months of administration antibiotic is certainly worth recommending.

In late Lyme am inclined, however, is to use of alternative therapies, and in any event of such start of therapy because the poisoning, and so shattered body disease large doses of antibiotics for six months or longer little at odds with intuition. With such a long period of therapy is almost always appear intestinal symptoms associated with administration of antibiotics.Protective administration probiotics is not always enough.

Alternative therapy should consist of the following elements:

- The use of high-calorie diet with egg yolk, offal, and flour and sugar reduction - Niedoborowych supplement micronutrients and vitamins, which in devastated by the body often need much more than normally. - Stimulating the immune mechanisms - Detoxification - B. burgdorferi produces several toxins that have be dissipated and removed from the body. Detoxification mechanisms are often inefficient in these patients - Antioxidants - their supply can support cell regeneration, and So the immune system. It can also increase production energy in the cells, which can be slowed down by excess free radicals. - Regeneration of intestinal epithelium and the intestinal immune system - To restore the individual to provide nutrients and gradually reduced supplements. Intestinal immune system naturally is an important part of the whole immune system.

Choice of preparations, most often doing the test for biorezonansowego.

How to remove a tick

Pull the tick with tweezers (not fingers). It is grab it as close to the skin and pull firmly, straight Traffic on the outside. Then you need to disinfect the bite site. Do not irritate the tick heat or chemicals as this may cause it will inject more germs into the skin. The earlier Removing the tick, the less likely the disease, if it was It infected.

tbc ...

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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 4/4 Treatment without antibiotics

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