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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 3/4 Treatment


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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 3/4 Treatment

Antibiotics: Previous treatment of Lyme disease, recommended available in Poland textbooks, is administered for a period of 2-4 weeks appropriate antibiotics. But the experience of American researchers and doctors dealing with this disease indicate that this is the period far too short, and used doses too small. Thence cure rate is very small - a disease of converts.

For patients suffering from longer treatment must continue much longer. It is recommended that treatment time was min. half a year, and decision to terminate should be based on accurate observation all symptoms arise in the course of treatment.

Treatment therefore requires a lot of experience in conducting medical patient suffering from the disease and working closely with the medical patient. As the main factors for the failure of treatment Convictions appear to be: failure to follow your doctor, use of alcohol and lack of rest.

Duration of therapy, the costs of treating this disease are quite high. Some hope on their reduction and reducing side effects of treatment may give the use of antibiotics pulsatile - by 2-3 days a week with a break for 4-5 days, because after wytruciu spirochetes other forms of development require a few days access to adult.

Previous treatment was directed only at the adult form, which exists only for a few days a month in the life cycle spirochete. Hence the need for a few months of therapy. All cysts need to open up, move your development cycle, to reach a adult and be wytrute.

All this does not look good. However, recently discovered that cysts are susceptible to very inexpensive, available in Poland, an antibiotic, which is Metronidazole. Recent reports of combined therapy Another antibiotic, metronidazole, and say that this therapy is apparently quite effective and is likely to shorten the time needed treatment of disease.

I had also heard that sometimes the antibiotic doxycycline effectively in the relatively high dose used for 6-12 weeks. We must Note that it is quite toxic antibiotic.

Herxheimer reaction

Herxheimer reaction is a set of symptoms that occur in the treatment of various infections with antibiotics. Particularly It is observed during the treatment of parasitic diseases, protozoal and spirochetal. It is related to more or less rapid immune response to the large number of dead cells aggressor appears in the body after antibiotic use. This reaction is the presence of Herxhemiera indicates that we use antibiotic that works for at least one form of development spirochete, and the lack of response by 6-8 weeks of treatment is signal for the completion of therapy.

Herxheimer reaction is the appearance of symptoms rzekomogrypowych such as headaches, bone and skin, nausea, fever, chills, skin redness, swelling and painful joints. The severity of these symptoms is the greater, the more germs were wytrutych. These symptoms persist for several days, but some patients with certain diseases, even 5 weeks.

On borreliosis, these reactions appear most often at intervals of monthly, which is related to the spirochete life cycle. As treatment of these reactions are becoming weaker, so that in the final phase of therapy may be unnoticed by the patient. It was the meticulous observation of the patient's own body depends largely on effectiveness of the treatment, ie, after discontinuation of the antibiotic does not occur relapse.

In the case when he takes the treatment of Lyme disease 'blindly', ie with a negative test result in antibody levels, it is the emergence of a Herxheimer reaction is an indicator that the continuation of treatment is intentional. If the Herxheimer reaction is not, treatment discontinuation should be considered as the cause of symptoms may be different. In the case of chronic Lyme disease, after the implementation of antibiotics and the appearance of a Herxheimer reaction, the antibody may be a few weeks, again at some time occur. So if it is appropriate repeat the test.

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Borrelia burgdorferi - insidious spirochete 3/4 Treatment

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