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Do not let them eat the fungus Candida


Language: Polish

Title: Do not let them eat the fungus Candida

Author: Andrzej Janus

Issue: I, December 2007

ISBN: 978-83-921922-5-1

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 145 x 204 mm

Cover: soft, foiled

Price: 20 zł

We live in strange times, when the fungus Candida is the most infected population, and conventional medical doctors do not want to accept this fact to the message and treat diseases caused by fungi as a bacterial infection and treat them with antibiotics, which will further deepen Fungal organism.As a result, many patients falls into a vicious circle from which they can not go nohow.

On the basis of our own experience, several years of medical practice have developed their own, unconventional way of treating diseases caused by fungal organism Candida infection. The book is the only such publication in Poland, and probably also in the world in which so comprehensively presented the causes, symptoms, and - most important - ways of treating diseases caused by Candida fungi, using methods of natural medicine. The knowledge contained in the book allows the ordinary mortal to recover from this terrible disease on their own, without the help of conventional medicine, and even ... in defiance of conventional medicine.


List of chapters:


Kingdom fungi

Candida yeasts and fungi

Candida colon

Systemic mycosis

Treatment of systemic fungal infection

Fungal infections of the digestive system

Fungal infections of the respiratory system

Fungal diseases of ENT

Fungal infections of CNS (brain)


Fungus tissue mobility

Fungal infections of the urinary system

Fungal infections of reproductive organs of women

Fungus labia

Fungal infections in children

Autism in children

Fungal infections of the mouth

Fungal infections of the skin

Fungal infections of the skin appendages




Bronchial asthma

Symptoms of antifungal treatment

Diet antifungal

Infant diet in the treatment of mycosis

Treatment of fungal infection in pregnant women

Diet nursing mother in the treatment of mycosis

Probiotics in the treatment of mycosis

Diagnosis of mycosis

Purifying Potion

How not to get to eat fungus Candida

Do not let them eat the fungus Candida

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Od dawna są znane spostrzeżenia,
że takie choroby jak zawał serca,
wrzody żołądka i dwunastnicy, astma,
artretyzm atakują ludzi o pewnym typie osobowości.
Zaobserwowano również, że na raka zapadają częściej
osoby o usposobieniu depresyjnym.

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