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Homeopathy - Myths and reality


"Homeopathy is a therapeutic method, based on the principle of similarity, in which medicinal substances are given in small or infinitesimal doses"

Creator homeopathy - S.F. Hahnemman (1775 - 1834)
The official beginning of the nineteenth century medicine was based on subjective and irrational grounds. Treatment consisted of withdrawing the application, and the floodgates were blood, enemas, laxative acting agents, ointments, disinfectants mercury-based, aqueous solutions of iodine, etc. These actions resulted from ignorance of physiology, anatomopatologii, yet unknown bacteriology and unordered classification of diseases.

The creator and pioneer of modern homeopathy was Samuel S. Hahnemman F. (1775-1843). Trying to sort out little knowledge of the precise symptomatology and diagnosis, clinical objectivity introduced to the experience, reasonably interpreting pharmacodynamic phenomenon. Ahead of their time would heal the medicine. Did this on the basis of proven pharmaceuticals and meticulous observation of patients at the time of their application. He was an excellent physician and chemist, but above all very hardworking, honest and modest man, his death left behind a six editing, Organon, the art of medicine ", which were starting development of modern medicine is based on repeatable scientific experiment. As time crept to the homeopathy ballast of mysterious, esoteric and a misreading of his scientific experiments.

Charles Rouscin throughout his career, he did everything a doctor to relieve the aura of mysticism homeopathy, which surrounded it until the fifties of last century. He managed to lead to the fact that was recognized clinically in some countries in Europe and the USA. Implementation of this plan took him 40 years. It is worth reflecting on why science having its 200 year tradition has survived to our times and is recognized to date method of treatment. Not lost in the era of cutting-edge research, multibillion-dollar funding for research on modern chemical medicines. So you ask yourself the question - why treat the homeopathically?

What is homeopathy and rules for its application
It is a natural method that uses the principle of similarity of symptoms caused by the toxic substances in healthy human disease. According to this law, homeopathic medicine can cure a disease manifested the same symptoms in a healthy body which produces the substance from which the drug was made. This method allows, by the introduction of appropriate medication, patient's body to stimulate self-defense and self-regulation. Thus has a stimulating particular organs and, consequently leading to the recovery. They are used so the body's natural functions, consistent with the body's natural response to repair itself. Stimulation method of treatment involves the use of medicines in high dilution, or in very small doses. Practically, the drug is contained in the individual atoms of a substance or not at all. Using such a formulation without further its processing technology, we have obtained no therapeutic effect. The secret to its further activation involving the so-called. dynamization or mechanical agitation. Substances dissolved in deionized water is subjected to vibration in mechanical devices. With such treatment the inactive form of the drug becomes active and fit for use. The choice of treatment depends on the response to the patient. The greater the similarity of the drug to the symptoms of the disease and the greater sensitivity of the patient, the more we give a higher dilution and vice versa. The size of the applied dose does not depend on body weight and age of the man but only on its sensitivity to the drug. There are also non-toxic, does not exert a chemical effect on the body do not have the same pharmacodynamic effect. In infants, children, adults always give the same amount of pellets. A very important factor in the homeopathic treatment is time.

Why did you decide to homeopathic treatment?
In today's frantic pace of life often decide on a quick, temporary effect based on the traditional method of treatment involving the elimination of pathogens such as bacteria, and not at the strengthening of the immune system, which would not permit its creation. It is also worth noting that homeopathic medicine is not specific to the etiologic factors, namely bacteria, virus, fungus but focused on what they produce symptoms, eliminating them. So it is a unique treatment, providing gentle, safe and nontoxic treatment for many diseases in the acute phase and chronic.

The influence of environmental factors external to the organism and mode of action of homeopathic drugs


After several years of work and experience in the use of homeopathic medicines, I have noticed in yourself and many people are poor responses, or total lack of body reacts to certain medications. I thought at first that this is due to poorly chosen drug in relation to the symptoms of the disease. Correction applied or not improved the situation. After a long period of observation is a phenomenon linked with environmental factors, which surrounds us, previously used in pharmaceutical drugs and long-term reluctance to use them. Modern medicine has got used to suppress the patient's symptoms within a few hours or several days. Please note, however, did not use the word cure but, suppress symptoms. "It seems to me that the actions of classical medicine is not intended to cure diseases, but for dealing with the consequences of dysfunction of the body. The cause of disease lies much deeper. The state of our health and the smooth functioning of the immune system, the greatest impact is the type of food used, the amount consumed with her active toxic substances known as preservatives, chronic poisoning of pharmaceutical preparations and the scarcity of essential elements and vitamins in the diet. inefficiently functioning organism is also inefficient functioning immune system. In the first place reveals This tendency for the incidence of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and then to produce a degeneration of all solid organs, bone and ultimately cancer. All efforts to improve our health should not depend on the treatment of diseases have already occurred, but to prevent them speech. This is called long forgotten word - prevention. But while there is a disease manifested by pain as a warning signal, fever, sweating, sore throat you should not treat this as a disease but as its symptoms. Typically, the preventive measures already s too late. However, from this moment to implement proper diet to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. Wspomogająco within a specified period of time can be used herbal preparations to nourish every cell in our body, removing waste products, toxins, supplementing with vitamins and essential elements called macro-and micronutrients. to stimulate the body in the direction of recovery are homeopathic preparations and herbal remedies and other exclusively of natural origin.

The mechanism of action of homeopathic medicine
For spite, I wrote that homeopathic medicines do not work in every case. The truth of course lies in the middle. It is impossible to stimulate the body toward healing when the body saturated with toxins - soluble and insoluble. It is possible to stimulate the body's only in this case, when agents operate in the body with which the drug works. This is done by way of stimulation of the> response. No response testifies to the fact that bodily functions are so compromised that there is no reaction to the medicine used. The patient is not seeing the positive action of homeopathic medicine, reaches for the chemical effects of eliminating this disease. Deprived in this way, the next line of defense, since the pharmaceutical formulation serves as a graft resistance. The only way out of this vicious circle is the proper understanding of the mode of action of herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and pharmaceutical preparations.

Reviews of scientific medicine on the homeopathic treatment
In environments with opinion leaders in the medical community has a particular fashion to express negative opinions about homeopathic medicine and doctors, who use them in their practice. It seems to me that such judgments seem to people who do not have sufficient knowledge about their functioning in the body. I also wish to note that currently in Poland, it seems appropriate to use homeopathic medicines but homeopathy is not recognized during this time,''Chamber of Physicians for the medical specialty or a branch of medical science. It is incomprehensible to me a situation where a doctor recording the official receipts prescribed homeopathic medicine, which is implemented in the pharmacy, it is not treated as a medical specialist homeopath. Money is invested by the pharmaceutical industry in meeting their negative advertising effect. Pharmaceutical advertising in the media urging people to use on a daily basis threatening the health of our Feature: for headaches, menstrual pain, fever, rheumatism, etc. Our medical leaders are fully aware sell their names posted on the popular advertising leaflets. Assisting the body's homeopathic preparations, herbs, vitamins, mineral compounds, meets with harsh criticism from the medical environment.

I hope that after reading this you make sure you develop the merits of the use of drugs of natural origin.

Homeopathy - Myths and reality

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