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Elemental hair analysis


What we know about the external factors affecting our health
Terms of the external environment in which we live, life, and above all, the diet has a direct impact on our health and physical condition. Determine the efficiency of the functioning of our body, the function of the immune system (disease resistance), and the possibility of the body's defensive reaction to the impact of physical and mental stress. All these factors have a decisive influence on the biochemical functioning of our body - better or worse. Common sense is no longer decide what we eat, drink and how to cure, but the laws of economics. Ads shape our attitude towards one's own body, way of thinking about health and illness. Such actions have nothing to do with the improvement of our health, and their only goal is to maximize financial income. Shape in our consciousness the image of a chemical miracle pill as a panacea for all ailments and disease. Thanks to provide information we have lost zmasowanemu attack instinct in choosing suitable food ingredients and how to prevent the occurrence of diseases, what is called a forgotten word - preventative medicine. Implicitly trusting the advertisements in the media we buy food High converted, devoid of natural vitamin and mineral ingredients. We forget about what is eating and how our ancestors coped with the disease.

What purpose is used for analysis of elemental hair
Auxiliary diagnostic tools providing the current state of our health are current laboratory tests: ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray. Applied Analytical evaluation methods are mainly based on the study of blood and urine. Determination of the current composition of the elements in the blood may be because the study niemiarodajnym compensatory mechanisms operate to keep their levels in the blood, tissue at the expense of reserves. Their number in the body can be therefore inadequate despite normal serum concentrations.
It was shown that a good assessment of mineral metabolism is the elemental analysis of hair. The contents of individual elements in the hair depends on the quantity and quality of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water and the possibility of penetration through the bowel and the degree of utilization in the body. Hairs are an integral biologically and chemically homogeneous tissue structure. Creatine wrapper hair completely prevents both the loss of internal components and the penetration of contaminants to the center, thereby ensuring the constancy of chemical composition. Elements are incorporated into the protein structure of hair during its growth and remain there permanently unchanged. Their quantitative stability is linked to the lack of hair around the blood vessels so that no exchange of the internal components from other structures. Hair tissue is therefore the best material to study the composition and degree of nutritional elements of the body.

News about the body's nutritional substances
The three basic components of our diet: proteins, carbohydrates and fats in varying degrees are involved in the process of reconstruction. , The following correlation: 100g of protein equivalent in terms of calories per 100g of carbohydrates and 44.1 grams of fat. Proteins are the building blocks of the body base and the main provider of energy are carbohydrates and fats. Depending on the energy needs of the organism, the individual compounds can mutually transform into each other. Catabolic processes (decay) are in mutual equilibrium with the processes of synthesis (anabolic). Predominance of catabolic processes is evidenced by the state of liver disease and there are mostly fatty acid metabolism. During stimulation of the synthesis of glucose and amino acids are converted into fatty acids. Taking into account the metabolic rate divided people into two groups: the fast and slow metabolism. Called macro elements and trace elements, fatty acids, vitamins serve as catalysts of all chemical reactions. Defective nutrition, leads to diseases of civilization called - diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, allergies (including asthma), hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and endocrine diseases, known as rheumatic diseases, infections and, eventually, the development of cancer cells.
Some vitamins can be synthesized by the human body but the micronutrients must be supplied with food. Maintaining a healthy balance of bioelements is so vitally important. The best way out of this situation is their selective supplement

What is known about the role of minerals in the body
Of the 104 naturally occurring elements 81 is located in tissues and body fluids. Four of them: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen constitute 96% of our body. Those whose number is 0.01% of body weight or makrobiopierwiastkami called macro. These include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine. Other weighing less than 0.01% are called micronutrients or mikrobiopierwiastków. These include iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, chromium and manganese. The third group contains highly toxic elements, whose presence in the body in any case is undesirable and are thallium, lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic. Their harmfulness depends on the concentration, duration of action and the ability of the system for their elimination. They are excreted naturally by the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, skin. But they have a tendency to accumulate in the parenchymal organs and the liver, kidneys and pancreas. As a result of their prolonged stay in the body can also accumulate in other tissues such as lead and aluminum in the bones, lead, mercury and aluminum in the brain tissue and cadmium in hair roots. Recent studies show that the list of elements belonging to the micronutrients has not yet been closed. No ruling yet by the end of the role of nickel, tin and strontium.

The effect of synergism and antagonism of elements in the functioning of the body
Macro-and micronutrients may be present in the body in very specific areas of concentration and their deficiency leads to severe metabolic disorders causing illness and even death. Only some of them such as magnesium, zinc, iodine can achieve higher levels without contributing to greater damage. Physiological processes of life depend not only on the composition and concentration of individual elements but also on their proportion in the body. Most of them have in relation to their synergistic or antagonistic. Excess or deficiency of one element influences the change of the content of others. The interplay between them as well as toxic metals has a major influence on their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the absorption cell. It was found that magnesium deficiency in the body facilitates the absorption of lead, zinc deficiency promotes the absorption of cadmium, excess phosphates hinder absorption of calcium and magnesium. In the case of a shortage of elements in the system increases their ability to acquire a surplus decreases. Thus there is a natural protective barrier against food poisoning. For individual areas of the body, there is a definite ion equilibrium, which is maintained at a constant level. Based on the ratio between the different elements can be assessed by their activity and regularity of metabolic processes. Among trace elements, there are synergistic and antagonistic relationships directly affect the metabolism of the body. The behavior of the relative proportions between them has in many cases more important than their normal concentration. An extremely important factor in stabilizing and facilitating the absorption of microelements are vitamins. Many macro-and micronutrients have adequate vitamin, which facilitates their absorption from the gut and further utilization in the body.

Cell Metabolism
Every body is biochemical individuality, taking into account the metabolism of cells. The presence of certain trace elements, indicates the high or low metabolism and is more important than vitamins, because they can not be synthesized by the body. They are like a "candle" bulbs "in the chemistry of life, which depends on energy metabolism in the process of burning food. The human body is referred to by nutritionists as unsustainable but a self-regulating system and energy metabolism. In living cells there is a series of enzymatic reactions form metabolic pathways. With this szlakom cell can divide, develop and maintain its own vital functions. Metabolism is the totality of the enzymatic pathways that allow the exchange of energy and matter between the cell and the environment, and include the transformation of substances and building blocks of energetic compounds. In order to maintain their health at an appropriately high level seems to need to supplement our daily diet and food additives in the form of preparations obtained from natural raw materials. Belonging to them vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids. Exercise, sport should be a permanent part of our lives.

On the effects of toxic substances on the body
Every year we eat about 1.5 kg of toxic chemicals called by the producers of food preservatives, not including pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other substances not related to food. Absorption of elements also takes place through the skin and in the process of respiration. With the mechanisms of defense system tries to expel harmful elements in the urine, faeces and sweat. If the quantity of toxic substances exceed the ability of the organism to their deportation, there is a disease. There is a chance the chemical interaction between toxic metals and organic toxins, resulting in a yet unexplored connections harm.

The influence of hormones on the economy of the organism mineralnną
The main factor influencing the process of rendering elements and their intestinal absorption is the endocrine (hormonal), for example, excess estrogen can cause hypothyroidism, and excessive insulin secretion. Administration of estrogen increases the levels of copper and vice versa.

Copper and estrogens are factors cukrzycorodnymi. The size of the insulin production is also affected by iron and chromium. Excessive and long-term supply of iron can contribute to developing diabetes. Chromium is part of the cell membrane receptors and is actively involved in the transport of insulin and glucose from the blood into the cell. Its scarcity forces the pancreas, increased production of insulin (hyperinsulinizm) and is one of the factors leading to developing diabetes II *.

Hypothyroidism can lead to improper diet by eating a long and often soy products, cabbage, dairy products. Consuming excessive amounts of calcium preparations, or dairy products, lowers the levels of thyroid hormones including calcitonin, which is responsible for the deposition of calcium in the bones. In American women in the premenopausal and postmenopausal was for this reason, many times greater fragility of the femoral neck compared to Japanese women, which in fish products consume more magnesium than calcium. An oversupply of magnesium leads to a secondary calcium deficiency.

Antagonisms are between vitamins. Between vitamins A and D, there is a mutual antagonism. The administration of vitamin A can prevent symptoms of overdose of vitamin D3. Vitamin A is also a calcium antagonist. Calcium and magnesium form the building blocks of bone or apatite. People with fast metabolism often suffer from neurotic disorders, rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), allergies, hypertension and low for arthritis, allergies, bronchial asthma, hypotension.

With the difference of sex hormone binds to a different metabolism and different absorption in the intestine. Males are more likely to gout, autism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and women gallstones, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, psoriasis, scleroderma, distortion and degeneration of the spine.

Overactive or underactive glands is related to their synergistic effect on each other or antagonistic hormones secreted by them. An example might be the thyroid, which can lead to hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency. All metabolic processes of living organisms can be compared to the string of pearls. Termination of threads linking him it makes each bead moves in another direction and loses connectivity with another. Any such dysfunction manifested by infirmity or illness.

What are chelates?
Much better absorbed, absorb and excrete, in the case of oversupply, all the elements and vitamins combined in organic compounds (known as chelates). Pharmaceutical manufacturers know this well. The cost of production such as iron as a drug, combined in an inorganic compound, is much less than getting it from organic matter (plants, breeding of yeasts or bacteria). Extremely important in assessing the health status is to determine the ratio between the different elements. Analysis of the diagram allows one to establish which use plant compounds, vitamins. bioelements to effectively remove toxins from the body and counteract the negative consequences to the external environment and consequently lead to a state of full health. Depending on the rate of utilization of nutrients your doctor determine the right type of diet. For about 65 years old man gets into the environment and excretes an average of 73 tons of chemicals, including 59.3 tons of water.

Description of selected diseases in the light hair elemental analysis

Cerebrovascular accident
In stroke patients found a low level of copper and zinc in a high proportion compared to copper. Operation of copper and zinc in a proportion of silicon makes it difficult to dispose responsible for the elasticity of the connective tissue of blood vessels. A similar phenomenon has been present in the event of a shortage of silicon. Fragile vessels can easily rupture, leading to hemorrhagic stroke.

Hypochromic anemia (associated with iron deficiency)
Copper deficiency may significantly contribute to a significant impairment of iron absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, and block the possibility of embedding it in the structure of hemoglobin. Not knowing one day functioning of the interplay of elements in the body, I could not understand the mechanism of lack of effect of treatment with iron. Indeed, there may be a large excess of iron and copper deficiency in the presence of severe hypochromic anemia. Also, calcium may hinder the absorption of iron leading to the occurrence of so-called. milk anemia caused by excessive and long-term supply of calcium in the milk. Increases the absorption of iron, vitamin C, which is also an antagonist of copper. Iron deficiency is often found in hypothyroidism.

Multiple sclerosis (MS-multiple sclerosis)
The disease is characterized by low levels of copper and high zinc. Sometimes confusingly similar to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis develops after viral infection or after vaccination protective. Both of these diseases are often confused with each other. May be decisive in this case, elemental analysis of hair.

Parkinson's disease
Dominated by low levels of copper and high adrenal and thyroid. Factor lowering the level of copper may be antibiotics penicillin. Often enough to reduce thyroid function to withdraw the symptoms of the disease. The mechanism of this phenomenon is not understood. Are recommended to facilitate the absorption of copper preparations such as lecithin, a dose of 1200 mg / day facilitate the assimilation of 2 mg of copper. It is recommended diet containing seafood, shellfish, nuts and sprouts containing tioacyniny - inhibitors (slowing down) the thyroid gland. Reduce intake of sugar beet and fructose contained in fruit.

Epilepsy is dominated by magnesium deficiency, high levels of sodium relative to magnesium, excess manganese. Use to be high-protein diet which is slow metabolism.

The official cause of the disease is excessive resorption of calcium from bones due to lack of supply in the diet, difficult absorption in the intestine, and hormonal changes associated with menopause. Biochemists people suffering from osteoporosis were divided into two groups:
Type I - associated with a negative supply of calcium.
Type II - calcium and its absorption is correct and excretion by the kidneys as well.
It is nevertheless increased bone resorption. It comes to its deposit in soft tissues, serum calcium levels rise. This phenomenon is associated with hyperparathyroidism - parathyroid hormone overproduction or impaired compared to the proportion of calcitonin - secreted by the thyroid. To reduce hyperparathyroidism should be given magnesium and wit.B6 and possibly substitute hormone called pharmaceutical - Salmon calcitonin. Magnesium is concentrated in parts of the cortical bone of which it is rigid and unbreakable skeleton and calcium in the soft spongy structure. Vitamin D3 and calcium magnesium and deprives the bone fracture occurs. The administration of calcium in osteoporosis is wrong! Provide magnesium and wit.B6 as factors inhibiting the secretion of hormones prztarczyc. It is preferred to combine the formulations of calcium - magnesium with boron. Boron is an antagonist of magnesium is true but it has an impact on retention of calcium in the bones.

Dominates the low level of copper. This element inhibits the accumulation of uric acid crystals.

Chronic fatigue syndrome
The reason is the failure of the adrenal and parathyroid glands resulting from improper nutrition. Following an overload of the immune system and disorders related to the management of copper and zinc. Please enter the correct diet and supplementation should be directed towards removing the accumulated toxins from the body and to improve the function of adrenal and parathyroid glands.

Disturbed ratio of sodium to potassium. High levels of copper interferes with the dominance of the cerebral hemispheres (reverse brain activity). There is no dominance of left or right hemisphere. These people are characterized by a high level of intelligence. During his childhood hopping one phase of development, avoiding the crawling phase. Treatment should consist of a return to this phase. Exercise-lying on the floor, raise and leave the left arm and right leg, right arm and left leg, following these steps alternately. For instance dyslexia can contribute to heavy metal poisoning.

Description of the method of collecting hair
For the analysis must be taken 300-400 mg of hair (1 tablespoon). The hair must be cut from the back of the head from several places. For the analysis they are only 3-4 cm of hair from the skin, the rest is not suitable for testing should be cut off.
Address to the laboratory conducting the elemental analysis of hair is in Biomol link on my website.

Elemental hair analysis

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