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Hypertension according to optimal medical

Contrary to what is written in medical textbooks so-called cause. essential hypertension is unknown, what is more, there is an effective method for complete cure of the disease.

High blood pressure is the result of inadequate nutrition of the organism and associated with impaired functioning of the control system. Centre regulates all functions of our body is the brain (control center). Improper diet does not provide a sufficient supply of the central nervous system in nutrients and energy, then mechanisms are activated to increase blood flow to the brain (among other things. Increased activity of the sympathetic system - stronger and faster heart rate, peripheral artery stenosis). During this period, we observe the so-called patients. labile hypertension - that is, the pressure values ranging from small to very high. The persistence of this condition causes the accumulation of changes in peripheral arteries, and progressive damage to internal organs, mainly the brain, kidneys, heart, retina.

After some time the blood pressure remains consistently high. During this period, the arterial walls flexible physiologically become hard and lose the ability to change diameter depending on the amount of blood flow. The importance of salt as emphasized in the medical literature shows a large number of chemical reactions in the body during running bad nutrition. People eating optimally procure perfect your body, do not have to produce all the substances necessary for life, so their demand for salt is lower.

Modern medicine in the treatment of hypertension is focused on symptomatic treatment using chemical agents that cause temporary reductions in blood pressure, their effect is associated with the formation of various side effects, often life-threatening (eg, the rise of atherosclerosis in the arteries).

Optimal nutrition eliminates the reasons for the development of this disease. Lowering blood pressure is observed in the first week of feeding. It should be emphasized that this disease develops sięlatami and unfortunately no treatment can take several days, which is associated with sporadic increases in pressure, in particularly difficult cases, even after several months of feeding.

Optimal nutrition allows people with high blood pressure safe operation without any medication and provide the repair of damaged in the course of judicial jurisdiction of internal organ disease.

Important role in the play therapy developed by Dr. Jan Kwasniewski selective currents. At the beginning of the so-called. hypertension loose, they are used on the head which, combined with optimal nutrition provides a good supply of the brain. In more advanced cases, it is necessary to extend naczyńobwodowych. Then attach the electrodes otherwise. Due to the nature of the disease and subsequent risk of treatment requires optimal medical consultation.

Observing patients' staying in Optimal Nutrition Center in Mount Jastrzebia found excellent results treating optimal nutrition and selective currents in the cases considered by the official medicine as incurable.

medicine. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
medical consultant and tutor
Optimal Nutrition Center
in Jastrzębia Góra

Hypertension according to optimal medical

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