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Fungal infections of the skin, symptoms, treatment

Typical of ringworm are red, itchy lesions which gradually increase. In these outbreaks, especially on their side, can usually be seen peeling off skin, which resembles a small bran and pinhead-size bubbles, changes resembling psoriasis (which was not previously), rashes, macerated skin under the breasts, folds of skin on the inner thighs This is a high probability that the skin has been attacked fungal 

Treatment of external ointments produces only temporary improvement, and often leads to relapse of disease. The fact that the skin changes have occurred, it is highly probable fungal signal that our body is colonized by fungi. 

Treatment should be based primarily on: 

* Destruction of internal mycoses -> ParaProteX and -> cleansing treatment, 
* Lifting of resilience by supplying our bodies natural supplements and the ingredients of macro-and micronutrients in chelated form, and unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) -> system supplementation 
* Prevention of recurrence by changing your diet -> antifungal diet, the low in carbohydrates with no sugar 
* Supply the body with fiber and family friendly bacteria acidophilus - Nopalin, ProbioBalance or AC Zymes 
* Of the infected fungi can be cleaned with water and vinegar. 

How do I follow to avoid athlete's foot? 

* First of all, strengthen your immune system, provide vitamins, macro-and micronutrients 
* Always remember to wash their hands. Indeed hands are particularly predisposed to perspire. 
* Dip showers, being in a public sauna, the pool is not allowed to walk barefoot. Also in trendy fitness clubs out of the shower should walk in flip-flops. 
* Trying wipe feet, especially of the fingers. 
* In summer, wear light airy shoes (mainly men, especially young people).As for the ladies: Do not give up and abandon the uncritical fashion, especially in hot weather, with heavy, covered shoes, where the foot sweats profusely. Avoid shoes made of plastic. Wear only cotton socks and change them daily. 
* Please use the services of such hairdressers and beauticians and especially the manicure and pedicure, which is to ensure that their employees comply with health and sterilize tools. Wash combs and brushes, clippers and scissors wyparzają. 
* The safest nail scissors to cut their own. Do not borrow your scissors, nail or claw clippers others. 
* Each family should have their own towel. If the joint is used, it must always be boiled. 
* Under no circumstances should you lend your slippers and shoes.Fungal spores perfect "winter" in our shoes. Just wear contaminated shoes and ringworm fungus is ready. 
* Avoid direct contact with the homeless animals, especially young cats infected with fungi that can infect them, playing with children. 

Fungal infections of the skin, symptoms, treatment

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