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Degenerative joint and spine According to optimal medical

Degenerative arthritis, particularly of the spine are now so common that it is difficult to find adults who do not get on. The universality of their occurrence is so high that some doctors are beginning to treat them as normal aging processes, and complaints of patients quitting are sentences: "Please look at his birth certificate," or "the pain you must learn to live." This situation should not be surprising, since modern medicine in addition to painkillers and steroids administered topically, can offer only surgery involving the hip replacement patient, or an artificial intervertebral disc.

Commonly used physical therapy consisting of massage, and passive and active movements of the joints practically does not affect the disease.
Increases only at some time in the joint range of motion.
Until recently the principle of exercise despite the pain, which not only helped, but even brought substantial damage.
Currently it is recommended practice to limit the pain, but there are physiotherapists who do not know. The surgeries are also used physical treatments such as electro-or light therapy, temporarily reducing pain.
All these activities usually do not bring a big improvement and the patient feels worse and worse.
With time, the same treatment results in the occurrence of complications of the gastrointestinal tract, mainly in the form of peptic ulcer disease.
This is because these methods do not remove the cause of the disease, but only to reduce some symptoms.
For in general there was a degeneration of joints and spine must be met two conditions: overload the pond to increase the friction and the low strength of articular cartilage. Excessive weight may be due to the nature of such work, but now more and more excess weight, which in itself increases the friction on the surfaces of joints. Lack of sufficient flexibility and hardness of the cartilage is caused by insufficient supply of nutrients necessary for regeneration.
When this happens, there is a mechanical abrasion of the friction surface, which gives pain.
As a defensive reaction of skeletal muscle contracture occurs, which
limited mobility.
In case of illness, this contracture of the spine can be felt as sciatica or arm, since degenerated intervertebral discs are shrinking muscles and stabilize the spine, but also increases pressure on the spinal nerve roots.
In the following period due to weakening of the ligaments occurs paravertebral calcification and hardening.
This stiffens the spine, but bone growth may produce permanent compression of the spinal structure. The peripheral joints after a clash of cartilage bone fusion occurs and virtually pond becomes stiff.
Optimal nutrition can contribute to the total withdrawal of the disease. Improves the provision of dietary protein needed for recovery, and energy supply by providing a high-fat.
The process of rebuilding the joints is very slow because cartilage has no blood vessels, and nutrition is the transfer of nutrients from cell to cell on the principle of "give me more."
Each cell will be transmitted if the same will meet your needs. Reconstruction of cartilage usually lasts from 1 to 3 years, but the reduction in pain observed in the first weeks, because it increases the production of synovial fluid.
The fastest improvement can be observed in diseases of the spine, improves the elasticity of the intervertebral discs and the slowest to regenerate the knee joints, because they are the most affected.
An important factor in improving the status of patients is a reduction in body weight, thus reducing pain.
Usually the prognosis of degenerative diseases are beneficial, but there are changes in very advanced cases, when there was complete destruction of cartilage and bone union has been made.
Here, the only remaining surgical treatment - such situations, however, get extremely rare.
All degenerative diseases are a group with a predominance of S, it is very beneficial effects of currents gives here the use of PS for aching joints.
Treatments cause dilation of small blood vessels and increases the secretory activity synovitis.
Followed by a better supply of nutrients and energy, which accelerates the regeneration of cartilage.
In patients with very advanced change is preferable to use several batches every 3-6 months until complete resolution of symptoms.

Lek. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
medical consultant and tutor

Degenerative joint and spine According to optimal medical

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