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Religa a hair's breadth from death


Chemotherapy was nearly killed professor

Religa a hair's breadth from death

Zbigniew Religa przeszedł ciężką chemioterapię po zabiegu wycięcia guza z nadnercza. Fot. Piotr Kowalczyk

Doctors discovered Zbigniew Religa metastasis, the professor tried to get rid of in the middle of last year. This time it was necessary to cut the cancer of the adrenal gland. Professor TVN revealed that the surgery went smoothly, but later, during chemotherapy, "there is a serious complication."

"The complications were so serious as to endanger the life of a professor" - TVN Fakty, said the director of the Institute of Lung Diseases, Kazimierz Roszkowski, who cared for Religa during chemotherapy.

Overall, chemotherapy was performed in two stages. The second stage of the treatment chemistry ended a week ago. It was then played out a dramatic fight for life of this extremely popular politician.

"Chemotherapy is sometimes fatal. For me the dire consequences occurred in conjunction with a complete lack of white blood cells. But now I'm in a period of rebuilding this" - he told TVN Fakty Religa.

Adrenal Religion doctors discovered in late 2007. It was quite a surprise, because everyone seemed to be a professor defeated the fight against cancer. Yet he had his piece of the lung, and study after last year's hope for good operation.


Religa a hair's breadth from death

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