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Malignant melanoma of skin


With the arrival of a heat wave we get more and more warnings about skin cancer which is malignant melanoma.

Feel free to read the article about sunbathing - How to sunbathe safely


 Malignant melanoma is an exceptionally large capacity for metastasis through blood and lymph vessels. They are divided into so-called. local and distant metastases. Among the distinguished local metastatic satellite metastases (in the immediate vicinity of the tumor), transit (located in the course of lymphatic vessels) and metastasis to lymph nodes located near the tumor. Distant metastases can be located such in the lungs, liver, bone, brain. First metastases may unfortunately appear immediately in the internal organs.

The course of melanoma is the most chronic and progressive. Summit metastasis usually occurs after the first and second year after diagnosis, although some are late and metastasis (5-10 years after diagnosis). There are also cases of spontaneous regression of histologically proven metastases.



Melanoma may develop under the influence of various factors (see - risk factors), on the ground already existing pigmented moles on the skin or arise unchanged. Arouse anxiety should ALL! changes to existing signs. The most common symptoms requiring consultation doctor (oncologist, surgeon, oncologist, dermatologist) include:

  • swelling
  • redness around the mole
  • itch
  • bleeding
  • magnification
  • color change
  • change shape

Changes in the stigma, oncology and disturbing, are referred to as ABCD:

  • A - Asymmetry - change the shape of a round birthmark on the asymmetrical
  • B - edges - rough, jagged edges of the mole
  • C - color (called Color) - changes in mole color: darkening, lightening, different color within the same mole
  • D - size, diameter of the mole (called Diameter) - assessment should be subject to all the characteristics of more than 6 mm

Definition at wikipedia

Malignant melanoma (Latin melanoma, called malignant melanoma) - a malignant tumor of the skin, mucous membranes or ocular uveitis, which is derived from melanin-producing pigment cells - melanocytes.

It is characterized by high virulence due to rapid growth and early metastases and a small number of susceptibility to treatment. C5% 82o% C5% 9Bliwy

Malignant melanoma of skin

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